Jasmine spent her youth crying to emo music until one day she realized all this crying had led to a certain amount of passion and knowledge of music that should be utilized in a more positive way so she did what every emo kid does and became a college radio DJ. She quickly moved up the ranks to GM of the station where she started a little music festival now known as Kazzufest that's hosted Seattle favorites Chastity Belt, Tacocat, So Pitted, youryoungbody, and many more. Distinction’s A&R goddess Sasha Gonzalez would go on to take over this festival and make it the event of the year in Pullman.

She serendipitously met Anna on a day when she was feeling particularly angsty about the Seattle music industry and thought “I can do it better” and Anna seemed to agree. So here we are. Trying to do it better.


Human aficionado. Music lover.That's Anna Davies, growing up she always had an eclectic mix of music surrounding her. Most mornings she’d wake up to anything from Miles Davis to Bob Dylan blasting throughout the house, with her musician father playing along on the bass. This instilled a love of music in her at a very young age. With no formal schooling, Anna grew her network creating a career within the music industry as an avid fan and business owner.

One fateful day, a friend tricked a very hungover Anna into going to a Bone Thugs N Harmony concert where she met the amazing Jasmine Albertson, they quickly bonded over their shared love for the growing Seattle music scene and Distinction Music Management formed shortly after.


Sasha Gonzalez is the head of Artist Relations with the responsibility for marketing programs, brand management and social media strategies. Prior to joining Distinction Music Management, she worked in radio programming and co-founded Kazzufest Music & Arts Festival.

Sasha's greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership. Thriving on challenges, particularly those that expand the company's reach. With a passionate music background, you'll find Sasha frequently attending Seattle shows, online shopping too much and probably up to no good.