Interview: Destroy Boys

Photo Courtesy of Destroy Boys

Almost 2 years since their conception, Destroy Boys has accomplished a lot. Between finishing up high school, releasing their first full length album, and performing across the state of California (as well as at SXSW), these girls have a lot on their plate. That’s never stopped them though. Not only have they been mentioned in a Rolling Stone interview with Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day also posted an Instagram selfie wearing their t-shirt. They’ve opened for our beloved Tacocat as well as for Black Lips, and now they are headed out on their “Graduation Tour”. I Facetimed the girls while they were in sunny Oakland, CA, the perfect place to mirror their enthusiastic, bright personalities.

DMM: How did you guys meet?

Vi: We met through a mutual friend.

Alexia: It basically started off with “What’s your zodiac sign?”

DMM: Where did the name “Destroy Boys” come from?

Vi: I was going through some guy troubles, and I have this giant chalkboard