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Almost 2 years since their conception, Destroy Boys has accomplished a lot. Between finishing up high school, releasing their first full length album, and performing across the state of California (as well as at SXSW), these girls have a lot on their plate. That’s never stopped them though. Not only have they been mentioned in a Rolling Stone interview with Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day also posted an Instagram selfie wearing their t-shirt. They’ve opened for our beloved Tacocat as well as for Black Lips, and now they are headed out on their “Graduation Tour”. I Facetimed the girls while they were in sunny Oakland, CA, the perfect place to mirror their enthusiastic, bright personalities.

DMM: How did you guys meet?

Vi: We met through a mutual friend.

Alexia: It basically started off with “What’s your zodiac sign?”

DMM: Where did the name “Destroy Boys” come from?

Vi: I was going through some guy troubles, and I have this giant chalkboard in my room. So I had written Destroy Boys with a bunch of hearts around it and I kept staring at it, until it hit me. I called Alexia immediately and she was like “What do you want, I’m at school?” and I was just like “Our band name is Destroy Boys!”

DMM: Explain Your Songwriting Method:

Alexia: We normally start off with one piece, like I normally do melodies so I’ll come up with something and then I’ll show it to Vi and they’ll add stuff to. It’s really collaborative.

Vi: Yeah, we’re always sending each other stuff.

Alexia: I’m always like “Let me send you this voice memo of me playing the guitar shitty!”

DMM: How did you guys get involved with Uncool Records?

Vi: Cole Becker. He’s been a fan since the beginning and now we get to work with the label.

DMM: Is this your first tour?

Vi: No, but it is our longest run.

Alexia: Yeah when “Sorry Mom” first came out we did a week long tour, and we’ve done a lot of shorter runs.

DMM: What about your first time in Washington?

Vi: Yeah it’ll be our first show in Washington.

DMM: What genre would you consider yourself?

Vi: Rock.

Alexia: I always tell people we’re Garage Rock. We have some Punk influences too.

DMM: Where do you find inspiration?

Vi: This might sound corny, but everywhere. I usually get most of my inspiration from emotional experiences. There is something really pure that comes from writing about negative experiences.

Alexia: Yeah, a lot of what influences me comes from things that have happened, and deep feelings. I also get a lot of inspiration from what I’m listening to at the moment. Like I was listening to a lot of Against Me, and I was really inspired by the way Laura Jane Grace uses her voice, so I took that and made it my own.

DMM: You guys got to play SXSW this year, how stoked were you?

Vi: It was so fun. The other artists were really sweet and the fans were really sweet.

Alexis: It was really cool opening up for Black Lips. They were amazing live. We really hope we can play with them again. Being in Austin was really cool too, it was such a nice city.

Vi: Austin was really similar to Sacramento, which was nice because it was like being home.

DMM: Speaking of Sacramento, how do you think being from Sac has affected your music?

Alexis: The Sacramento music scene is really accepting, especially of girls. No one really questions you being a girl and a front man, they’re just like “Cool, punk rock!”

Vi: The scene has a lot of female fronted bands too, which is cool. Also everyone in the scene supports each other.

Alexis: Yeah, other artists will play with you, no matter what genre.

Vi: Sacramento is home too. Growing up in Sac gave me specific feelings I couldn’t get anywhere else, and I’ve met so many cool people here.

Alexis: I can only write songs when I’m in Sacramento too. I have to be home.

DMM: Is there another album in the works?

Alexia: As a musician, you never stop writing songs.

Vi: (;

DMM: What’s your favorite show you’ve played?

Vi: Harlows.

Alexia: Harlows was great, we played with Hobo Johnson and he was great live. I really liked playing Reno too, they had this giant pit going, imagine adults being like “hold my beer so I can go in the pit.”

Vi: Our February 6th show in Gilman is another favorite.

DMM: Who are some of your favorite artists you’ve gotten to play with?

Alexia: TACOCAT, Black Lips, and Hobo Johnson.

Vi: Definetly Tacocat, they were all so sweet. Bree came on stage and said “Destroy Boys rocked” and that was cool. Also Mt. Eddy who we’re touring with. They’re our partners in crime. Also playing with my parents’ bands was sick.

DMM: Destroy Boys is almost known for the creative song titles, how do you come up with them?

Vi: Most of them come from us doing something and saying something stupid or funny. We both keep a note on our phone of potential song titles from random things we say. They literally come from anything and a lot of them have zero meaning.

DMM: What shows are you most excited for on this tour?

Vi: Oakland! It’s our homecoming so that’s exciting. Also Seattle, I’ve never even been to Seattle, Alexia have you been to Seattle?

Alexia: No, I’m excited for Seattle, also San Francisco.

Vi: Bay Area represent!

Alexia: I’ve also always wanted to go to Chico, and I’m excited for Portland.

Vi: Oh yeah, Portland will be cool.

DMM: Any last words?

Thanks to everyone. Anyone reading this, anyone who supports us. See you at the show (:

You can listen to Destroy Boys debut EP “Sorry Mom” at their Bandcamp, and make sure to see them live in at Real Art Tacoma on June 12, or at

The Vera Project on June 13.

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