Drunk At A Show: Fresh Cut Flowers Release

It's pretty much a given that we at Distinction Music Management go to a lot of shows. It's also probably not a shocking statement to say that we tend to drink a fair amount while attending these shows. These are our experiences. And no, Mom, we definitely [Ed note: probably] don't have a problem.

Just a few weeks after the release of Taylar Elizza Beth’s Fresh Cut Flowers EP. Taylar partnered with Timbre Room to put on an incredible show filled with our favorite local femme songstress’ PSA, Guayaba, Donormaal and TEB herself with DJs sets by Toya B and Cousin Chris.

As I walk into an already packed venue just after the show started, I knew it was going to be a great night. I immediately ran into Taylar, who was glowing next to her FCF merch and she told me they had some drink specials, rightly named after the songs on her EP:

Synthesis: Vodka, Soda and Black Raspberry Liqueur

Free My Mind: Whiskey Sour

High & Haunted: Shot of Whiskey with a Beer back (classic)

The Shift: Vodka Cran with a little Sprite

Storm: Dark Rum, Ginger Beer and Lime

If there is a better way to set the tone of your album release party than to have all your guests ordering the name of your songs all night, I don’t know what is. Going against the track list, I started my night with The Shift listening to Toya B, anticipating PSA’s first show ever.

PSA performed a beautiful debut set, smiling and engaging the crowd throughout, her sound is upbeat and melodic. Makes you want to move and groove with her. I was back by the bar, observing the crowd and their reception, as more people are trickling in the party kept growing stronger. One of my favorite parts of this show came from PSA announcing her second to last song by saying, “Who in here loves getting head?!” and we all went wild! I mean, who doesn’t? Proceeding to break the gender norms, as a woman in charge and taking exactly what she wants. PSA has a crazy, bright future in this scene. I can not wait to see more from her...I may or may not have had a Storm or two during her set.

Up next was Guayaba, who I have seen a number of times live and each time I am equally blown away. She has an incredible stage presence, playing songs from her most recent EP Black Trash/White House which she sings and raps in both English and Spanish. Always a crowd favorite: "Santa Sangre" gets everyone dancing. At this point I’m in the middle of the crowd, with High & Haunted under my belt only making me want to dance more. Guayaba ends her set with "Paloma", a haunting ballad with the promise of love. Which leaves me needing a cigarette.

As I make my way outside, all I see are joyous faces. There is not a single person in this space not loving themselves or where they are.

While outside, I hear a distinctive voice over the PA. The one and only Donormaal. If you are not familiar with her last project, Jump or Die, do yourself a favor and familiarize. I make my way back into the crowd, but make sure to grab a Synthesis on my way in....vodka helps you dance, right? Donormaal teases us with a few tracks from Third Daughter, her highly anticipated forthcoming album that everyone is itching for her to release.

At this point it’s a full-fledged party and I had definitely made my way through the FCF tracklist. Now here comes the Princess of our shitty city, herself Taylar Elizza Beth. On a Free My Mind, because what else will do at this point? The venue is vibrant, radiating with love throughout as Taylar serenades us with her futuristic Erykah Badu sound. The entire space is now a dance party, as she performs "The Shift", she electrifies the crowd with her commanding and powerful presence. Then slows it down, with "Storm", qualifying with the cocktail, it might make you cry if you’re not careful. Beautifully introspective. She ends the set with a huge thank you that is humbling and emotional.

I have no doubt all of these ladies will go incredibly far in any forum, but they have completely changed the Seattle music scene for the better by breaking barriers previously set by the typical white Seattle indie rock band. On any given day, you can see one of these ladies (while we still have them) in Seattle. In Taylar Elizza Beth's own words: “If you’re still asleep, I’m not waking you up”

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