DMM Pride Playlist

Finally! It's the weekend we spent the entire year hoarding glitter for! Pride Weekend! In celebration, we decided to put together a playlist of our favorite queer anthems. Right now we need ALL the reminders of love and acceptance that we can so listen to this while working on your contour and hopefully you'll leave the house feeling like the world isn't a giant bag of shit. And if not that, then at least you'll look good <3

Jasmine's Picks

Perfume Genius - Queen

Perfume Genius' first album Put Your Back N 2 It is one of my favorite albums of all time but it wasn't until his following release Too Bright that Mike Hadreas seemed to actually accept his gayness and "Queen" was his coming out. Also I will never forget his Late Show debut when he showed up in a giant collar and ruby red lips. Just imagining all the Middle American suburban moms watching in shock brings me so much joy! Oh and David Letterman's "Well how bout that?!" Like you know that old dude was probably freaked out of his mind. I can just imagine Hadreas' goal list: Freak out David Letterman and the entire Middle America in 3 minutes and 49 seconds - check.

Shamir - On the Regular

One of the undisputed best songs of 2015, I must have listened to this song 500 times in just that summer alone. His high, androgynous, Prince-like voice and INCREDIBLE style makes him an icon, in my opinion.

Vampire Weekend - Diplomat's Son

One of the few overtly gay indie songs that I'm aware of. Stop with all the flowery analogies and hidden meanings, gay indie dudes! Plus just a good song off a good album. Y'all lying if you say you don't like Vampire Weekend. Rostam Batmangli is gay and has a new solo album coming out soon! Yes, I just linked to my own writing, no shame in my game.

Sasha's Picks

Lady Gaga - Hair

An anthem for all of us who have been criticized for fucking living their lives. Be as free as your hair baby and fuck anyone who says otherwise.

Worshiprr - Queer Rage

Local trans femme goddess Worshiprr has such a unique point of view, constantly challenging her listeners in a beautiful way. I can definitely see her taking over the world. If she doesn't blow it up first.

Cupcakke - LGBT

If you don't know who CupcakKe is then I truly feel sorry for you. 'LGBT' like many other bangers by cucakKe the songs attitude is a contagious.

Mikayla's Picks

Tegan & Sara - Boyfriend

Tegan and Sara have a way of just relating to every ounce of heartbreak I've ever seen or experienced. Boyfriend perfectly describes the feeling of being with someone who isn't ready to come out or doesn't have the same feelings you do, all covered up with a catchy pop beat.

Kaytranada (ft. AlunaGeorge & Goldlink) - Together

Ok, so I had to put a dance banger on here, and Kaytranada is the perfect fit. Together is the perfect anthem for our current political climate, because really when it comes down to it, we all just need to stand up for one another

Against Me! - True Trans Soul Rebel

When Laura Jane Grace released the first Against Me! album after her gender reassignment surgery, she showed her bravery and opened herself up to the world. This song comes from a dark place in her mind, but through voicing it allows for others to relate in the most beautiful way, bringing transgender emotions and fears to the mainstream.

Anna's Picks

Carly Rae Jepsen - Run Away With Me

Everytime I hear this song, regardless of where I am it places me back to a Saturday night at Purr. Taking shots of tequila and dancing all night.

Bloc Party - Banquet

I came out when I was a junior in high school I spent a lot of time listening to Bloc Party, only to find out later Kele Okereke (the lead Guitar/Singer) is gay.

Demi Lovato - Cool for the Summer

A quintessential, bi-sexual summer love or more likely, lust anthem. For all of us who want to fall in lust over pride weekend, go ahead and make out to this.

Kate's Picks