Drunk At A Show: Nauticult, Blotterz, & Capture Infinity at Mind Palace

Tonight's 'Drunk at a Show' is impaired by Critical Plus joint from our friends at Buddy Boy Farms and Smirnoff Vodka that's been in my fridge too long.

The Mind Palace is hosting Capture Infinity, Blotterz and Nauticult tonight in Bellingham. Capture Infinity is a loop fanatics dream. Long, ambient tones wash over the crowd...damn that sounds like stupid stoner speak. But dammit Capture-Infinity is vibey, and weed was really crucial for this set. The sun is setting and in typical house show fashion Capture-Infinity can be heard outside. This warm backdrop with Capture-Infinity's slow riffs is a match made in heaven.

"I Wish You'd Fire Me"

Nauticult takes hold of the floor, with such a naturalness and that's when I know it's poppin' off. The dark blue lights hit frontman Austin Sankey and out comes "Virtue Rigamortis." This track is a ticking time bomb where the explosion is a bunch of happy bodies crashing into one another. It sets a stage for the rest of the night, each track gets you to a higher feeling of anticipation. Then we were hit with it! New music from our boys Nauticult. If anyone knows how to please a crowd it's this bunch.