Drunk At A Show: Lauren Murphie + Sodo 4

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Murphie & the Sodo 4

Cody Ray & The New Favorites is a four piece band, guitar/lead singer, bass, drums and keys. Their most memorable song, "All The Way" is soulfully sweet, with reggae undertones and a Stevie Ray Vaughan-esk solo. Cody Ray’s voice cuts into you like a knife into butter, soft and smooth. Their vibe on stage is more like a jazz sit in, than a big concert; and by no means is that a bad thing. All four are talented musicians feeling the vibe with each other, but very casually. These guys seem like the coolest jam band you've ever seen, but so practiced and tight.

I got a chance to talk to Lauren from Lauren Murphie + Sodo 4 for a while before they went on stage. We talked about how she became a part of the band, she was dating the bass player and quickly moved out to Seattle together. They didn’t work together musically at first, he started jamming with a band called Naked Bacon. After their lead singer quit they asked Lauren to join under the condition they would rebrand. And that’s how Lauren Murphie + Sodo 4 began.

They started their set with "Rather Be With You", a cover that shows off Lauren’s big and beautiful voice. Next up was a song that sounded like American Woman mashed up with a Cher song. The guitar player hits you with a solo of pure greatness, but still oddly recognizable. Lauren Murphie started sounding a lot more original as their set goes on. Another strong, female powerhouse voice is absolutely what we need in Seattle. Lauren's voice is tangible and recognizable from the street. I would recommend taking yourself back into the 70s with Lauren and her band, they play a number of venues all over Seattle.

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