Premiere: Waking Things "Fickle Bitch" Video

Waking Things are hard to pin down. And they like it that way. Unafraid of trying new things and staunchly averse to sticking to just one sound, the local band has tried their hand at a number of things. Their 2014 debut album Idee Fixe took place in an early 1900's psychiatric hospital. Concept album: check. Sophomore release Details fell more in the post-emo guitar rock arena. "Fickle Bitch," the B-side of the new "Capitolism" split single is far more upbeat with an infectious guitar riff. This latest release comes off the back of shows at most major venues in the city and a number of lineup changes. As a three piece, Waking Things is far more confident and focused while delivering unforgettable shows on a regular basis all over Seattle.

“Fickle Bitch” was hyped via the band's Instagram page with an appearance of @FrankieTheMuppet, the romantic interest of the video. The Muppet’s page chronicles the events leading up to the events of the video. The clip itself centers on a young Seattle protagonist who can’t get any feet in the stirrups of the dating world. Disappointing dates coalesce into an interaction with Frankie the Muppet. The rest is history. The video is shot around various Capitol Hill and downtown haunts, which is as essentially ‘Seattle’ as the real world difficulty of navigating the dating pool as a bisexual. Chris Sicard’s voice carries through the video lamenting rich people’s blood and the perils of playing into other people’s reality webs with a voice that plays like Davey Havoc covering Brendan Urie.

We spoke with Sicard about the new video, as well as Waking Things in general and his opinions about the Seattle music scene.

Who came up with the video concept and how did it come to be?

This sort of thing happens to me a lot. I get these ideas in my head and I think they're going to be the best thing ever. Sometimes they pan out. I had been watching a lot of weird videos that were sort of unsettling and caught me off guard. But I didn't want to go super dark, so I went with something funny. After talking about the idea with some friends for a while, I finally reached out to Kevin Atkins and started setting up dates to shoot.

What are your upcoming projects/plans?

We have plans to start recording two new EPs very soon. The first EP will be titled Hang in There and its probably going to be the most up-tempo music we've done so far.

Who in the Seattle scene is inspiring you right now?

We just met them at our show at Candy Mountain, but we're watching Peace & Red Velvet and we're loving their dynamic. Seattle has a new power couple!

What do you think overall about the current Seattle music scene?

We talk about this a lot. We know that it's a big city with a history of music and we're seeing so many genres have a resurgence right now and also seeing a ton of interesting new musicians find success. I think it's really beautiful that so many people are open to hearing new and old styles. I'm not sure if there is really a "scene", maybe in smaller pockets, but overall, I don't know about that.

What does the future look like for Waking Things?

We should probably ask a fortune teller. In my mind's eye, it looks like a bright one. Hopefully a future of playing at Block Party or another rad festival.

What does your Tinder bio say? (We know you have to have one!)

No one in the band has one (unless Brian isn't being honest), but we did make one for the co-star of the video! Frankie's Tinder says "I think I'm in love".

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