Get To Know Me: Sasha

At Distinction we obviously adore music. But you're probably wondering how we got here? What songs and artists have inspired our deep affair with music? Well in this series you get to learn the tunes that have made such an impact on us, that they are a defining feature of who we are. This is "Get To Know Me"

Hola babes. I'm Sasha Gonzalez, Distinction Music Management's resident PR lady and COO. Get a tiny insight in the music that paved the way for my future music.

I was lucky enough to be raised by young parents whose music tastes included The Beastie Boys, Lil Kim and Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. You could say my music taste was predestined to be eclectic as fuck and thank god!! I also spent my days as a child with my grandfather while mum and dad were busy trying to feed my hungry ass. With that came car rides filled with classic jazz, Patsy Kline and The Beatles. After that, my music taste continued to be adventurous. Yung Sash in elementary school thought she was sporty spice. Soon I discovered softy indie music (shoutout to The O.C.) and that weirdly sparked some nerdy musical theatre phase. My fascination with Juicy Couture tracksuits and R 'n' B never left. Soon college radio created even more avenues to discover genres I never thought even existed. This playlist is a combination of all the tastes makers around me that inspired my music listening throughout the years. I've always had an obsessions with making mix cds, so when you listen to my playlist I gifted it to you in a homemade CD sleeve and it's covered in sharpie hearts. This is how I spent my teen years, cruising to music with my best friends Courtney and Layla. The only words we ever spoke for those hours were the lyrics to the songs that made us feel so alive. So I hope you feel the nostalgia of my Cuban roots with Celia Cruz. Remember the first time you wore a scandalous outfit to a Britney Spears concert. Get Angsty with No Doubt. Feel your love of pop culture with *NSYNC. Dance in front of the mirror to Aaliyah. Love your inner cowgirl with Patsy (your lucky I didn't put Garth Brooks on here). And dammit cry to Shania Twain cause you know you love her. Most of all enjoy my crazy *lil* playlist ✨

If playlist doesn't load, listen here!

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