Album Review: Münechild - Native Land

For fans of: Toro Y Moi, Jamie XX, Bonobo

Last month Münechild released the EP "Native Land" and it is the perfect soundtrack for these hot summer days. A mixture of surf rock with lofi influences, this album flows in a way that almost puts you in a trance, and as their soundcloud says, you MUST listen with some good headphones. The opening track “Hi” pulls you in with catchy post rock that will transport you with desert music festival vibes. “Matsuyama” follows the opening track perfectly building off the post rock surfer vibes adding a sense of nostalgia, giving you that feeling of being young, cruising around your hometown in the summer. The album picks up with “Native Cruiser ‘97” leaning more on production than guitar riffs. The song is equally as chill as the tracks prior to it, but those high hats are going to make you want to dance, or at least tap your foot to it. “Magic” gives off major 60s grooves. Keeping the chill surf instrumentals of the rest of the album, the static lofi effects, mixed with the echo in the vocals is reminiscent of Phil Spector songs, and I love it. “Apologies” goes back to the catchy guitar riffs in the beginning of the album, and is reminiscent of The Black Keys and Cage The Elephant. “Goodbye” slows everything down and ties the album together. The track is filled with emotion that is heightened with the distance in his voice, and perfectly ends the album. Overall, I really recommend either listening to this album alone in your room stoned, or while cruising around in your car (not stoned because that would be illegal).

You can listen to "Native Land" here.

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