Interview: Yam Lynn

I met Yam Lynn over a year ago. One of the first things we did together was attend Oneohtrix Point Never’s Garden of Delete tour at Neumos. Oneohtrix’s performance proved to be one of the most memorable I’ve experienced, transporting me into a surreal world and evoking existential questions.

Fast forward to April of this year, when Yam Lynn released their latest album – Untitled. Untitled is undoubtedly influenced by Oneohtrix Point Never’s difficult-to-pinpoint sound: a blend of electronic, experimental, ambient, drone, sampling…and it envelops the listener in its own parallel universe.

The album is disjointing in the most deliberate way, blending synths and samples to create a ethereal soundscape that is at times anxious (“funi life”), and other times brooding (“sweet dreams”). My favorite track is “gaiaonline,” saturated with dreamy vaporwave and infused with a hip hop sample; the tune represents a clever and atypical mixture of genre.

Untitled is succinct and unpredictable. Each of the seven tracks captures a distinct sound and emotion, and yet their careful ordering creates a cohesive listening experience. Give the album a listen, I guarantee it’ll be a starkly different sound than what you’re accustomed to. As the artist says themself: “i sound like yam and yam sounds like me.”

Being that Yam Lynn and I are friends, I figured I’d reach out to them directly to provide greater insight into their music.

I know you just moved back to Seattle after several months spent in Boise. How has moving back and forth between Seattle and Boise – two incredibly different places – affected you and your music?

i like to keep it sporadic, breaks in creation help me create more in my mind, dissect what i've learned . i don't have many friends, but i've always been able to put my feelings into music. when i move, it forces me to struggle, uproot myself. in between each album or ep i've released there has been a move to somewhere. i'm staying in seattle this time though.

What does the music creation process look like for you? What instruments and equipment do you use?

i'll sample anything, currently been chopping up a pack of songs the weather channel used in the late ninteies. only a second or so at a time, and then i'll manipulate that small sound and pitch it as needed. layering it many times over. usually play the melodies out on my own using whatever synth. love designing new sounds.

You have quite an extensive discography – your first Bandcamp release is from May 2014. What does Untitled represent to you as you’ve evolved as an individual and artist? How has your music changed over the years?

untitled represents a period of my life the inability to focus, dissociation, fucking cool friends, and introspection.

my music has changed, let me play your show and blow some minds or some shit.

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