Premiere: ZELLi "D.M.P.M."

After a brief hiatus, ZELLi has returned in a major way. The petite rapper has shared with us a brand new single, "D.M.P.M." featuring Bay Area artist T. Carriér and produced by Seattle's go-to producer/engineer Cid Vishiz. "D.M.P.M." also arrives with a video directed by Adrian Per that features ZELLi and a pair of dancers as they writhe and twerk their way through an empty warehouse. T. Carriér shows up for his verse in a pink hoodie, holding a bottle of Fiji water. The aesthetics are very on point but that's to be expected from ZELLi, who clearly has control over her image.

It wasn't until I first saw ZELLi last year that I realized the Seattle rap scene had been missing something. We pride ourselves on our art rap but sometimes you just want a banger. In ZELLi I saw the Nicki Minaj of Seattle. Someone with so much bombastic confidence, who took over the stage as if it was her birth right to be on it. Last year's Solid EP brought diva cuts like "Booty Bounce" and the title track, which received a video featuring the rapper painted head to toe in gold. If that's not a power move, I don't know what is.

ZELLi's last performance before her hiatus was at Upstream Music Fest + Summit, which is no small feat. Hundreds of artists applied to play and only those with the determined amount of clout got the opportunity to perform. "D.M.P.M." proves that she hasn't been resting on her laurels since that opportunity. Keep your eyes fixed on ZELLi because she's clearly coming to take over the world (and, if the lyrics of "D.M.P.M." are to be believed, take your man).

Check out some behind the scenes photos of the "D.M.P.M." video shoot

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