Premiere: High Pulp "Song of the Heavens"

High Pulp brilliantly infuses their 70's era Jazz fusion inspirations with the modern elements of hip hop, rock and electronic, to form a new level of groove. Their music, filled with sweeping transitions, and elevated tones, creates a perfect equilibrium of high energetic dance and smooth cool wave-like flow.

The 10 piece ensemble, features Rob Granfelt on drums, Antoine Martel and Rob Homan on keys, Gehrig Uhles on Guitar, Scott Rixon for Bass, Andrew Morrill and Victory Nguyen on Saxophone, Victor Puentes Jr. on trumpet, Isaac Pool on Trombone, and Etri Ajbour on percussion.

The group started with four longtime friends- Granfelt, Martel, Rixon and Uhles. Beginning in September 2016, the four would meet in Rixon’s basement on a weekly basis and write songs. By the time 2017 rolled around, High Pulp began adding members to further bolster the work that they had built the foundation for.

High Pulp plans to release three more videos as a part of the band's "Basement Sessions” series by the end of the summer. The debut video from the 4-part series is a psychedelic grove ride; titled "Song of the Heavens" that makes you feel like you can forget everything. This clever dance number also marks the band's first released material.

We’re excited to witness the freshness of High Pulp, as they bring a new flavor to the Seattle scene; infusing classic jazz taste with poignantly balanced electric flair.

The group plans to hit the studio towards the end of the year to begin work on their debut LP, to be released 2018,

"We Make body music, to groove to, to move to, to get lost in." they said, and I believe it.

Catch them live at Neumos, with Grace Love and Breaks & Swells on Aug 18. 2017. Purchase tickets here.

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