Get To Know Me: Anna

At Distinction we obviously adore music. But you're probably wondering how we got here? What songs and artists have inspired our deep affair with music? Well in this series you get to learn the tunes that have made such an impact on us, that they are a defining feature of who we are. This is "Get To Know Me"

I started thinking about this blog post and I realized I spent a lot of time talking about how I played a lot (all) of these songs on repeat, so I’ll save myself a few keystrokes and tell you that now. My close friends know that I am quite the obsessive person. It also may surprise you that I'm a romantic, and this is what I think “romantic” songs are, whatever that means. This is a little list of what helped formed who I am today. Get ready for my song choices, a mix between current and older…

All of these shaped me in one way or another, be it Bone Thugs from growing up in the west, to Common with one of the most romantic love songs I can imagine, to my bad girls like Santigold and M.I.A., or my hyphy hits current and old s/o Dre and Rich Homie Quan. I’m not going to lie to anyone here, I wrote about a three page essay on this playlist but I’d like you to just sit back and enjoy it but if you want to read away with me.

If playlist doesn't load, listen here!


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