Best of the Month: July 2017

It's been a damn hot summer (thanks climate change 😤), but hey at least we got some fire albums out of it? This is DMM's Best Albums of July and some of our favorite shows from last month's scorcher 🔥

Jasmine's Picks

Favorite Album: Toro Y Moi - Boo Boo

I have a FAT crush on Chaz Bear (fka Chaz Bundick) so I eat up any and every scrap he throws my way and Boo Boo is no different. Most of the album floats by in a lovely retro synth haze, making me feel like a character in one of those sunny 80s films set in California where everyone’s playing volleyball in shorts that are far shorter than I would ever feel comfortable wearing in public. Chaz is an expert at ~*chill vibes*~ and Boo Boo nails that description on the head. The lead single “Girl Like You” is the stand-out track on the album and will most definitely be making my year-end list of favorite songs. Pour yourself a drink and/or light a joint and just ~*chill*~ to this one.

Favorite Show: The Ousters // Iffy Comma // youngster jiji // Tetrachromat at Black Lodge

On Saturday, July 8th sludge metal band The Ousters, indie rock trio Iffy Comma, death trap rapper youngster jiji, and experimental metal quartet Tetrachromat played together at the Black Lodge. A swarm of young people danced and bobbed with The Ousters and Iffy Comma, thrashed and moshed with youngster jiji, and stood in awe and reverence to Tetrachromat (but mostly spent 80% of the time outside smoking). Fun fact that we put together that evening: Nathan from Tetrachromat and James and Todd from youngster jiji first played together wayyy back in 2014 when Nathan was in the band Painters and James and Todd were in SMASHCLUB for my one-off, never-to-be-had-again festival in Kent, Gonzofest. lmao

Mikayla's Picks

Favorite Album: Tyler the Creator - Scum Fuck Flower Boy

I should start by mentioning that as a (half) white girl growing up in California, Odd Future and Tyler the Creator were a huge part of my musical upbringing. I even consider Goblin to be one of my top 5 albums of all time. Because of this, I went into this album recognizing my obvious biases. I purposefully didn’t listen to the singles or read / watch any reviews of the album before listening to it. I waited until I was alone, reasonably stoned, with some good headphones to truly just listen to the album, and soak it in. I was fucking amazed. Even with my biases, this album far surpassed my expectations for it. It’s truly beautiful, but not too beautiful to not resonate as a Tyler album. The production is so clean, much cleaner than I would ever expect from a Tyler album. When the drums kicked in on “Where This Flower Blooms” I nearly lost my shit. This album has garnered a lot of media attention debating things that I feel don't really matter, but at the send of the day I feel like this is Tyler being Tyler and proving that he has a lot more under his sleeve.

Favorite Show: Nauticult x2 (Both at Barboza and LoFi)

I'm not sure if this is cheating, but I'm just going to go with it. This month was actually the first time I got to see Nauticult live and HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I'm lowkey obsessed now. For me the biggest factor in a show is stage presence and these boys have it. It's addicting and mesmerizing and hard to forget. If you haven't seen Nauticult live yet, do it (but maybe bring a helmet).

Sasha's Picks

Favorite Album: NAV and Metro Boomin - Perfect Timing

I come from a land where we once searched random shit into YouTube to find new music, naturally one of Youtube's first superstars *was* my choice for Best Album of July, Lana del Rey's 'Lust for Life'. Before you scroll past me, I'm not going to bore you with that review you can go to Rolling Stone for that. I do have to state I loved Aminé, Vic Mensa, Benjamin Gibbard's, 21 Savage, Cage the Elephant's albums this month!! But my pick for Best Album has to go to Nav and Metro Boomin' for "Perfect Timing" because god dammit it's about time we give credit to producers like Metro Boomin who cultivate a whole new sound for periods in pop culture. If you name any of your favorite tracks since 2014, chances are that Metro Boomin had a hand in production.

“Perfect Timing” is no exception, the album has heavy hitters with songs “Minute” feat.Playboi Carti and Offset. Cautionary tales with songs like “A$AP FERG” and my personal favorite “Hit”. The album captures summer perfectly and it will be a on lists come the end of the year.

Favorite Show: The Wednesday's // Babe Waves // Ramona // Living Body // Retirement at Mosh Eisley.

My favorite show of July had to be The Wednesday's, Babe Waves, Ramona, Living Body and Retirement at Mosh Eisley. It had everything any great show needs to succeed. An eclectic lineup, an energetic crowd and music represented from all over the region. "The Wednesday's" opened the night and damn do those badasses make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The garage rock fueled the crowd with energy. All the way from United Kingdom was indie pop band "Living Body". My first thought was how the fuck did they come to Bellingham, WA, but I was quickly wrapped up in their tunes to really let that thought develop. Naturally Babe Waves, killed it. There one of those special local Bellingham bands that every time you see them you know you won't be disappointed. I'd recommend seeing them as soon as you can!

Anna's Picks

Favorite Album: DoNormaal - Third Daughter

After waiting the better part of the year, DoNormaal finally blessed us with her nineteen track masterpiece. Sourcing some of our favorite local producers such as Brakebill, Luna God and Mario Casalini. I was personally so hyped about this. I finally listened to all the tracks that kept getting stuck in my head, Ego Slave and Gold Rooster are specifically notorious for that. My first listen I took Third in with the city, walking from Capitol Hill to Belltown. It was such a whole experience, for a moment it made me remember the Seattle I grew up in, the cranes went away and it felt so real. If you haven’t listened (which is doubtful) go buy it on bandcamp right now!

Favorite Show: WPL?! X Pluto Presents: Cypher Royalty

I usually try to make it to Baltic Room on Thursday, there is more often than not something dope happening. This night was especially cool, it was a fundraiser for WPL?!. WD4D was running the booth as the party was just getting going. I always say a dance party is going well if there are B-Boys/Girls there, which there were plenty. I got my first listen to Brielle (Aprilfoolchild), a soulful singer currently living in LA. She has the voice of what I imagine an angel would sound like (as corny as that is) but on top of that she plays the flute during her set. It’s a pretty unique experience. Unfortunately, this was a short lived night for me but it was definitely the most memorable show I’d been to this month.

Kate's Picks

Favorite Album: Arcade Fire - Everything Now

I didn’t listen to Arcade Fire for years, operating under the logic that they’re loved enough and don’t need any more hype. This all changed a few months ago, when “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” came on at a Dance Yrself Clean night at Chop Suey. I fell fast and hard, and only fell in deeper upon hearing “Creature Comfort” from their new album Everything Now. Tracks like “Everything Now” open like a warm, nostalgic hug from the pop-disco 70’s era, while “Infinite Content” makes a point to comment on our socio-cultural era. Just have a listen, it’s great.

Favorite Show: Aaron Cohen // Taylar Elizza Beth // youngster jiji // Nauticult // Brakebill

If you weren’t at Barboza on July 13, I have to solemnly inform you that you fucked up. Some of our favorite artists put on a banger show. From the opener Brakebill, to the explosive Nauticult, the room was packed with an energy that kept building upon itself. youngster jiji took the stage, followed by the unforgiving slickness of Taylar Elizza Beth. Aaron Cohen finished strong, joining the pit for a raucous dance session. A night to be remembered, you can catch Taylar Elizza Beth August 5 at Central Saloon.

With love from Sasha, Mikayla, Jasmine, Anna and Kate 💕

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