Get To Know Me: Jasmine

At Distinction we obviously adore music. But you're probably wondering how we got here? What songs and artists have inspired our deep love affair with music? Well in this series you get to learn the tunes that have made such an impact on us, that they are a defining feature of who we are. This is "Get To Know Me"

As most babies do, I entered the world crying. Except in my case, crying was the only thing that saved me. You see, being the forever impatient person that I am, I took my first breath a little too early and inhaled my own poop (yep I ate my own shit lol) which blocked my breathing passages. The doctors and my family didn't believe I would live, and I wouldn't have if I hadn't screamed and cried all the shit out. Since then, crying has stayed the norm. I've learned to control it better as I've aged but it's still how I naturally materialize stress, frustration, and sadness. I intellectualize it as my body's coping mechanism (if it worked the first time, it's bound to work again!). I feel this might explain why I am most attracted to Sad Music. It's not my only listening choice but overall my favorite songs and albums that I return to time and time again are the sad ones.

I started my life solely being exposed to Christian music and pop music. It took me awhile, but I forgive my parents for this. Religion is a blinding and sneaky beast. Not their fault. As a child, the only thing I knew my dad liked outside of that was Frank Sinatra. Turns out, he actually has really great music taste, he just didn't share that with me (okay maybe I'm not fully over this). The only things I knew my mom liked were Heart and Journey (and other bands of that ilk: Styx, REO Speedwagon etc.) and basically that's still all she listens to. To each their own. It wasn't till I was 15 and left Christian school that I was able to discover all the many genres out there. Feeling like I was already behind, I dove into it with the persistence and determination I probably should've focused on school. It started with punk and emo and blossomed to indie and folk. Eventually my college radio station opened me up to the genres I'd yet to explore: electronic, hip hop, metal, etc.

Constantly discovering is the norm I hope to keep until I can't hear anymore (which might be sooner than later if I don't start wearing earplugs at shows), never stagnant and satisfied with what I already know. Anyway, here's a very long and self-indulgent playlist of some of the songs that have been important for me on my journey of music discovery and also just some goddamn jams. I hope you enjoy it and don't worry, no pressure to cry but I do suggest that if you ever swallow your own shit that you scream and cry your goddamn eyes out (keep in mind that I am not a doctor and not qualified in any shape or form to be giving medical advice).

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