Interview: Weep Wave Discuss Aliens, Entropy, and the Unknown

photo by Eric Luck

Weep Wave has the energy of a thousand wheel-bound hamsters, both sonically and as a working creative unit. The band has been actively involved in the Seattle DIY scene for a little over a year, and in that time has rounded up a powerful local following, toured with acts like White Reaper and Ron Gallo, and played virtually every venue (and basement) in the city. Entropy is the first studio project Weep Wave has released, and at just three tracks, it’s a doozy.

The EP opens up with the steady creep of “New Climate.” Powerful bass holds the song together and the atmospheric vocals sit in a background synth mix, a little bit behind the spiky guitar lead. The song sets the tone for the band's signature balls-out rock and roll over a sheet of atmospheric numinousness.

"Perfect Piece of Pretty Trash," a solid summer road trip banger (and my favorite track on the EP) sees a Queens of the Stone Age attack over a vocal rhythm from a White Stripes deep cut. The EP finishes off with the steady power of “Worm Eats Brain,” a ballad to the excessive tiredness and blanket regret anyone who’s known depression as a personal acquaintance can attest to experiencing.

Entropy is the precursor to a full record the band begins work on this month. Weep Wave is slated to set out on a West Coast tour in October, so odds are you will see their energy in a small to midsize room sooner rather than later. The live show features Dylan Fuentes (frontman/guitarist) in a vampire cape singing into what looks like a circuit bent telephone receiver over the backing sonic tirade. It’s not a show you want to miss. Until then, pick up the record and a full spread of merch options on the band's Bandcamp.

I was able to catch up with Fuentes in his natural habitat to answer some questions about the world, the band, and the world of the band.

Firstly, why the cape?

Where else am I going to get to wear a cape?

How did the members of the band originally come together?

I met Jeramee and Dylan through Craigslist and Dylan and Colton were childhood friends.

Are you from Seattle originally?

We're from all over, I am from Garden Grove, CA, Dylan is from Tacoma, Colton is from Edgewood, and Jeramee is from Auburn.

What bands do the individual members of Weep Wave listen to / draw inspiration from?

Modest Mouse, Pavement, Queens of the Stone Age, Ty Segall, The Flaming Lips, Elliot Smith, W.A.N.D., Slint.

What is your motivator to keep doing what you’re doing and keep pouring money into gear and gas for the van?

I have to constantly be working on some sort of project or I start to lose it. Kind of like a shark, swim or die. The motivation of loading all our heavy gear into the van that gets 15mpg and driving 100 miles away with no AC/Heater to play for 12 people is that the next time we do it there will be 13 people there. The end goal is to be able to make the vision in my head physical without having to worry about how much it will cost.

A lot of the lyrics on the recent EP are very bleak. What were the motivations and influences behind the writing?

I was watching a lot of Rick & Morty, Cosmos and Ancient Aliens so I was having a lot of weird thoughts about the universe and death and stuff. "New Climate" is about Lizard People (Politicians/Bankers/Oil Tycoons/Etc.) and how they're terraforming the planet to suit their cold-blooded life style. "Perfect Piece of Pretty Trash" is a bunch of strange thoughts stuffed into one song. "Worm Eats Brain" is about worms eating brains.

Where did the telephone you sing into at your live shows come from originally? It’s such a great part of your sound.

The tele-mic was totally by chance. I was at The Guitar Store off Aurora and found it for a steal. A local dude Kurt Roy makes them.

What’s next for Weep Wave?

We are currently booking a 3-week west coast tour for October and when we get back we're going to start writing for a new album that we will be putting on 12" vinyl.

What’s right now for Weep Wave?

We just finished recording the next album, we're working on some music videos for (the) Entropy EP and we have one metric fuck ton of shows we're playing this summer including Inscape Art Smash (Seattle), This is Callow (Bremerton), and VanFest 7 (Maple Valley).

Shouts out to Van Wolfe for curating Vanfest for the seventh year in a row. In as few words as possible, how would the band describe their own sound?

We refer to our music as Garage/Indie/Psych Rock.

If the band could tour nationally with any act alive and making music right now, who would it be?

Neutral Milk Hotel.

If the band was able to tour with any band who’s either dead or has dead members, who would it be?

The Doors.