Review: DoNormaal "Third Daughter"

DoNormaal's Third Daughter is cast into the sky as a vehicle of reemergence, seeking to instill a sense of urgency within the boiling Seattle underground of which she has cultivated an unrivaled legacy as the champion of authenticity.

DoNormaal prefers not to elaborate about her creations during interviews, as words alone can be taken out of context and thrust into a realm of confusion, assumption, and speculation. Instead, she would encourage you to indulge in whatever it takes for you to dissolve your defenses and spend time alone wandering the halls of her nomadic perspective.

To a certain extent, DoNormaal just doesn’t give a fuck about the syrupy hyperbole typically doled out by the writers to justify their own lack of nuance. Validation is far from something to be coveted in her eyes. The gushing reviews about the cascading intricacies of her epochal vocalizations are dismissed swiftly and laughed at within the walls of the 69/50 home simply because hyperbole can only hint at the essence of what it is attempting to describe: power.

And yes, DoNormaal is well aware of her own; she already knows you feel it and I’ll bet she knew it before you felt it. She senses it all. It isn’t arrogance, but understanding. It takes power to decide to dive into the realm of the unknown, into the self, and the return can only be described as magic.

Third Daughter is a challenge, a double-dog-dare type of call to action, a living example of what happens when an artist toes the ledge and jumps. In the face of a burning world, Third Daughter tackles the classic Millennial question: what the FUCK do we do now?

DoNormaal is very clear: it’s time to dig deep and bring yourself back to life.

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