Get To Know Me: Kate

At Distinction we obviously adore music. But you're probably wondering how we got here? What songs and artists have inspired our deep love affair with music? Well in this series you get to learn the tunes that have made such an impact on us, that they are a defining feature of who we are. This is "Get To Know Me"

Perched in the middle seat in the back row of my mom’s car, the only thing I ever wanted to hear as we cruised around Southern California was the now-defunct oldies and Motown radio station, KEARTH 101. Little Kate low-key drove mama crazy constantly belting out the lyrics to songs by The Supremes, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and the like, but it was those early radio-filled days that sparked my still blossoming adoration of music.

At home my parents would often play The Grateful Dead, Stevie Ray Vaughn or Van Morrison, planting the seed that led to my crush on bluesy rock’n’roll. This led to a full-blown classic rock phase early in high school, which luckily turned into a still hard lady boner for psych, punk, surf, garage and anything that makes you want to chug a beer and move your feet.

I can say with complete honesty that I have given my pure, pure heart to every song on this playlist at some point in time. They have all helped shape me into the little music nerd I am today and provide a general road map for a journey that led me to becoming a college DJ in Colorado and diving into Seattle’s scene now. Basically, if I ever look like I’m about to keel over and die, don’t call an ambulance - just put this playlist on and leave me be.

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