Premiere: Step Dads "Memento"

The first show I ever saw in Bellingham was at The Mind Palace. I had no idea who was playing, where it was and why I was out and about to begin with. But it hooked me instantly. Crowds of sweaty bodies piling outside, the thick smoke in the air accompanied by a vibrating deck. I was intrigued.

I came to find The Mind Palace is the home of Bellingham band Step Dads. Their charm and hospitality as a new comer in their scene was beyond welcoming. And little did I know they also produced some of the best music in Bellingham.

When I listen to "Memento" I want to run. It's like this knee jerk reaction to grab everything you have and make something great. Before times up. Call your #1 up (you know the person you call to hide the dead body). Call them and do whatever it is that you've put off. You never know when it's going to be too late, or when you stumble upon Bellingham's best kept secret?

Answered by Nate Kahn (Guitar and Vocals) & Zach Sullivan (Guitar & Vocals) of Step Dads.

What inspired the EP?

ZS: The idea of memories and nostalgia. Reflection on the past, not in a good or bad way, just the past. No matter if you look at it fondly or not, it's there.

NK: Memento was a acknowledgement of the hardships one has to persevere in order to grow as a human. The lessons learned through heartbreak and the redemption that follows is what it's all about. What doesn't kill you, makes you a damn road warrior.

When did Step Dads form?

NK: October of 2016. Zach left his keyboard at the apartment that Isaac (drummer & best friend in Step Dads) and I were living in. We had been randomly jamming in our attic after meeting at a house show the month prior. When Zach came to pick up the keyboard he brought a guitar, and proceeded to serenade Isaac and I with songs he'd written. The rest is history, well that feels weird to say since it hasn't event been a year yet.


ZS: Theres something about playing music with other people opposed to doing it all by yourself, its just nice. It's a really satisfying feeling.

What's something you want people to know about you / the album / the band?

ZS: If you get me drunk enough I can speak backwards.

NK: There's something precious about kissing Zach on the lips during our performances, then feeling a sensation close to pure bliss, bottling it up and refusing to express the true love I have for him.

You can catch Stepdads at VERA PROJECT August 22nd kicking off their tour! Listen to Memento below and check out more of their music on their Bandcamp.


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