Drunk At A Show: Weep Wave, Nauticult, Yr Parents, Crushing Crayons, Nathan Sloan

Distinction Music Management appears from our collective fog of still-high-from-last-night-but-also-hungover to bring you another edition of Drunk At A Show. On July 26th Micah Frederick got sauced and saw bands at Lo-Fi. This is his story.

I had been to Lo-Fi only once prior. I wandered in and thought “this doesn’t sound like the bands I came here to see” - and then then realized I wasn’t in Black Lodge. The two buildings sit right next to each other, bookended by Victory Lounge and even further supported by Funhouse and El Corazon right down the street. This strip bleeds DIY. Lo-Fi is a two room event space that has the murky, black paint and weird crustiness of a DIY space and the bar of a, well, bar. Tonight's bill is a split between time-tested Seattle locals and two touring acts from Eugene, OR. I’m anxious to hear the signature Eugene sound.

The madcap dirt-road punkers Yr Parents started out the night with solid riffs and a tight performance. Gang-harmonies support shrieked vocals from frontman Luke Wheeler. It was a burst of energy to start off the evening. You can see very clearly that Yr Parents are enjoying what they do, and their smiles and in-joking doesn’t leave you unconvinced of the sonic assault. "We're All Gonna Die" killed everyone in the crowd as the banger of the night. Do yourself a favor and catch their next show.

Next up was the Eugene singer-songwriter glow of Nathan Sloan. Sloan moaned and shmooed somewhere between Alex Turner and Julian Casablancas about girls and white dudelyness. You can hear notes of the jangle of Los Angeles psych rock and wonder how the fuck this came from somewhere where you can’t throw a rock and hit a guitarist. Any young band that can actively tour out of a city as musically isolated as Eugene deserves a lot of props.

The rock vibes continued to a heavier application with the next act, Seattle sludge heroes WEEP WAVE. Dylan Fuentes ascended the stage in a vampire cape and a Portland bike messenger beard to deliver some sonic bleakness into the circuit-bent telephone the band uses as a mic. WEEP WAVE owned their craft and left folks hungry for merch. Check out our interview with WEEP WAVE about their new EP and future plans.

I smoked, and then got ready for the next act. The second of the two Eugene bands, CrushingCrayons gave birth to a jammy rock set. You can see the Eugene Terroir bleeds rock and roll with the way these boys shred. Everyone in this band has to have had a Hendrix poster over a thrift store record player since they were 12 years old. People filter out of the last act. I have been gifted no less than five whiskey gingers this evening so I am tripping over spilled cigarettes and feeling alright.

Everyone on the sidewalk reenters for Nauticult. It’s very hard to be unbiased about the effectiveness and quality of a band like Nauticult. If you haven’t seen them live before (which you should have, they play everywhere) or heard about their infamous opening slot for Riff Raff’s February show at The Crocodile, you’ve seen them in Distinction content. The power trio slams proggy guitar riffs with hyperaggro drums all against Austin Sankey a.k.a. Argonaut’s speed-rapped journey through death, sex, literature, science, and the most paranoia you’ve heard since Death Grips’ “Get Got.” Their live show is all the same guitar scream and percussion punishment, but also with everyone you were peacefully standing next to during the last set is now slamming into each other and Argonaut’s sweat is slowly covering the floor along with every human body in the room. It is kinetic, it is electric. Nauticult is putting together a west coast tour right now, so pick up their debut record Phantom Limb today. That way you’ll have time to memorize it and have hipster cred when Nauticult is on a Pitchfork list next year.

The show gets out and everyone figures out where they’re drinking next. Distinction pulled our drunk asses off the sidewalk to get some hash browns. We carbed up and rolled home. We’ll see you at the next one, lovelies. Bring us a Four Loko so we won’t have to do as much work.

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