Drunk At A Show: RIP Candy Mountain Edition

Once upon a time in the University District, most of DMM got together with a random assortment of artists, painters, tattooers, friends and this one group of hypebeasts that no one could figure out how they’d found out about the event and all, collectively, got drunk at a show.

For the past six months, Candy Mountain was the center of a series called Distinction at Candy Mountain which hosted artists as diverse like Brakebill, Nauticult, Weep Wave, and Michete. Prior to tonight, I had never been to a Candy Mountain show, but every time there was one, I heard about it afterwards. They had a habit of going what the kids call “off.” I am hoping for similar with this show, and the lineup guarantees it. The energy in the room determines it too. This is the last show Candy Mountain is able to host. As tight as it is to have what is effectively operating as an indie club in your basement, all good things must come to an end. (*)

The event tonight isn’t just special in theory. We rolled out some exclusive DMM merch, live painting from the fantastic Perry Paints, and, for the first time, live in-house tattooing by prolific local hand poke tattooer @Innerpunk.

The night starts off with Jasmine Albertson, the closest thing DMM has to a high priestess ascending the stage and introducing the evening. I have never seen anyone introduce a house show in my entire life. Why don’t people ever Master of Ceremonies this shit, why not make that part of the culture?

The first act of the night emerges in a hoodie from seemingly nowhere onto the stage. He blasts everyone awake with an acappella 8 bar that shakes everyone out of their pre-funk and into the performance. The rest of rapper Novelty’s set was a mix of 2012 Milo bedroom steeze mixed with Yoni Wolf confessionalism. The beats held a similar softness and aggression. This is the first set I’d seen and Novelty had a forward driving energy I’m looking forward to seeing at more events in the future. Novelty’s set also included an impromptu cypher after inviting Nauticult’s speedrap powerhouse Argonaut to the stage for a bar session, who was joined by more boys with more bars.

Novelty’s set ended, everyone smoked cigarettes, and my bandmate venmo-ed me enough money to get a tattoo. Multiple members of Distinction got tatted on-site that night. If you buy us a drink, we might even show them to you. ;)

I was midway through Jules (@innerpunk) stabbing a scythe outline into my forearm meat when I heard the sonic thunderdome of New Bloom exploding through the floorboards beneath me. The band was a lighting strike of thick packed riffs and a vocalist whose classic punk rawk growl sounded like he’d gargled at least as much gravel as Bob Mould in 1981.

The energy stayed at 11 through the entire set. I wished I could have seen the sonic purveyors, but I was still getting poked. The scene in my head and ears was vivid.

Jules finishes up and I grab another borrowed cigarette outside in preparation for more R.A.P. music.

Next to the stage is one of the softest spoken rap heroes of Seattle. The quiet power and emotion of Astro King Phoenix shone through the room as he delivered a sincere set to a crowd who was still figuring out how call and response worked. I have heard about Astro more than I have seen him, and his beat hugging bars brought everyone in the building to that some kinda way feeling.

From Astro’s DJ booth rises the next performer, one of Seattle’s resident Godseed, Taylar Eliza Beth, AKA TEB. Taylar has been swimming like a torpedo through the wave she created when she came out of a live date hiatus to release the incredible Fresh Cut Flowers EP, a gorgeous, emotionally and thematically aggressive collection of song about growth. You can read about how the EP’s release show went down from Distinction’s slightly inebriated coverage of the event. The artist does not disappoint. TEB’s low rasp brings the night to a pitch. Her voice is crystal clear, and you can pick out every word and every emotion from the EP. It’s the true live experience. Taylar plays the records cuts and closes the night out with her bangers.

Everyone is tired and a little too drunk. People go different ways. People go to Memos and eat burritos. I go home to write. My arm is sore and I get a phone call from my mom the following day. I will leave with a word of advice: If you decide to get a tattoo, brand, or any kind of similar irreparable body modification in the nook of a stranger's kitchen in a house where a punk band is playing, curate the information you give your parents about it. Keep going to shows. Keep supporting your local scene and the local artists that keep it alive. And most importantly, keep drinking.



Candy Mountain was an independent group of young people hosting shows in a shared house, what they do is not hard to execute on your own. Want to have bands play your house? Distinction Music Management is currently looking for new places to put on DMM Feature nights, and if you would like to involve your space in this project, feel free to contact us at jasmine@distinctionmgmt.com if you want to get involved!

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