Premiere: Mr. Wrong "Babes in Boyland"

The Pacific Northwest is the womb, birthplace, and biggest all-time supporter of everything that has defined Riot Grrrl, from the lo-fi sound, slant musicality, and the co-mingling of the personal and the political in gang-chanted all-femme harmonies. It’s been twenty-something years since the movement began, and in recent years, the PNW has seen a powerful resurgence of the sound, ethos, and aesthetic that made up the sub-subculture. All of these elements can be found in spades in Portland-based happening Mr. Wrong.

Mr. Wrong emerged organically between guitarist Mof and drummer Ursula in 2015, after much hanging out, beer drinking, and disenfranchisement with various status quos. Instruments were picked up and learned quickly. The duo played shows relentlessly for nine months before adding bassist Leona to the group, creating a third dimension to the band's dynamic claw-to-the-face approach. More basements and larger shows ensued, and the band released the demo album Distraction in mid 2016. The album is comprised of six blink-ya-missed-it gut punchers about the things felt in the Portland femme experience.

The new musical element allowed Mr. Wrong to pursue other sounds and influences they had not been able to dive into before, and