Bumbershoot Playlist

Ahh, Labor Day weekend that special time of year when mattresses are on sale again and Seattle’s very own music festival Bumbershoot is here! Now if you’re from Washington State, Bumbershoot holds a special place in your rain soaked heart. It’s the first time most of us got to experience freedom at an all ages music festival. Yung (insert your name here) roamed Seattle Center exploring, watching your favorite bands and smoking weed for the first time in public. (U LIL BADASS). Remember $60 weekend passes?! Ugh be still my bank account… What makes Bumbershoot “that bitch” of music festivals is that it’s everyone’s festival. You could be on the 44 on your way to Bumbershoot and if you asked the bus driver, bag lady and the fanny pack dad their favorite Bumbershoot memories you would get the sweetest recollections of Bumbershoots past. So while you’re on your way to Seattle Center this year, take the time to ask a stranger why they love Bumbershoot! Oh and listen to this playlist we put together including some of the best local talent that’s playing the massive corporate festival (plus some names everybody and their literal mother knows)! Bumbershoot would be nothing without Washingtonians supporting it and playing it!


Odesza - How Did I Get Here

Bibi Bourelly - Ballin’

Tacocat - I Love Seattle

The Dip - Won't Be Coming Back

Cataldo- In Now and Then


Dude York - Love Is

Spoon - The Underdog

Amine - Caroline

White Reaper - Judy French

Solange - Cranes In The Sky


Ekali, KRANE - Akira

Vince Staples - Big Fish

Leikeli47 - 2nd Fiddle

Weezer - This Is Such A Pity

Flume - Enough (feat. Pusha T)


HAIM - Want You Back

Big Sean - Jump Out The Window

Foster the People - Helena Beat

Gucci Mane - Both (feat. Drake)

HONNE - Warm On A Cold Night

Listen to the playlist HERE


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