Best of the Month: August

August was a heat stroke for more then one reason (thanks man made global warming). On a happy note, music helped us get through it all. Here are our favorite shows and albums from August. These albums won't cool you down, but they'll give you exactly what you need.

Jasmine's Picks:

Favorite Album: Brand New - Science Fiction

The emo pre-teen inside of me was overjoyed by the return of Brand New, 8 years after their last release, and Science Fiction does not disappoint. For the band’s final album ( :’(((( ) Jesse Lacey carefully cultivated an album that I will likely return to time and time again, as I do the beloved Deju Entendu and The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Of Me (sorry Daisy). At 39 years old, Lacey is not the same emo kid he was in 2002, when he and Adam Lazarra of Taking Back Sunday would hurl insults at each other through their lyrics. He’s wiser and mellowed out and it shows in the album which has very few chant-along moments, which is okay, we’re adults now. The days of chanting “TELL ALL THE ENGLISH BOYS YOU MEET ABOUT YOUR AMERICAN BOY BACK IN THE STATES” in our bedrooms are gone. Now we go to Emo Nite with other people in their 20’s while drinking our paychecks away to chant that. And then go home, pour a glass of wine and cry while listening to Science Fiction. Progress.

Favorite Show: Distinction at Candy Mountain feat. Taylar Elizza Beth / Astro King Phoenix / New Bloom / Novelty

I’m gonna be a little biased here as well and cite August’s Distinction at Candy Mountain show as my favorite show of the month ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But really, the show was fantastic. A mix of newcomers Novelty and New Bloom and established favorites Taylar Elizza Beth and Astro King Phoenix made the show dynamic, interesting, and unique. The crowd was amazing and the house was filled with such beautiful positivity that it managed to brighten me up despite the very crummy day I’d had up until then. I got a really cute tattoo from Jules (@innerpunk on Instagram) and watched the master artist Perry Porter create a masterpiece before my eyes. While we were all sad about this being the final Distinction at Candy Mountain show, we celebrated and honored its short legacy as much as we could. For more details on what went down at the show, read Micah’s Drunk At A Show piece on it.

Sasha's Picks:

Favorite Album: Lil Uzi Vert - Luv is Rage 2