Best of the Month: August

August was a heat stroke for more then one reason (thanks man made global warming). On a happy note, music helped us get through it all. Here are our favorite shows and albums from August. These albums won't cool you down, but they'll give you exactly what you need.

Jasmine's Picks:

Favorite Album: Brand New - Science Fiction

The emo pre-teen inside of me was overjoyed by the return of Brand New, 8 years after their last release, and Science Fiction does not disappoint. For the band’s final album ( :’(((( ) Jesse Lacey carefully cultivated an album that I will likely return to time and time again, as I do the beloved Deju Entendu and The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Of Me (sorry Daisy). At 39 years old, Lacey is not the same emo kid he was in 2002, when he and Adam Lazarra of Taking Back Sunday would hurl insults at each other through their lyrics. He’s wiser and mellowed out and it shows in the album which has very few chant-along moments, which is okay, we’re adults now. The days of chanting “TELL ALL THE ENGLISH BOYS YOU MEET ABOUT YOUR AMERICAN BOY BACK IN THE STATES” in our bedrooms are gone. Now we go to Emo Nite with other people in their 20’s while drinking our paychecks away to chant that. And then go home, pour a glass of wine and cry while listening to Science Fiction. Progress.

Favorite Show: Distinction at Candy Mountain feat. Taylar Elizza Beth / Astro King Phoenix / New Bloom / Novelty

I’m gonna be a little biased here as well and cite August’s Distinction at Candy Mountain show as my favorite show of the month ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But really, the show was fantastic. A mix of newcomers Novelty and New Bloom and established favorites Taylar Elizza Beth and Astro King Phoenix made the show dynamic, interesting, and unique. The crowd was amazing and the house was filled with such beautiful positivity that it managed to brighten me up despite the very crummy day I’d had up until then. I got a really cute tattoo from Jules (@innerpunk on Instagram) and watched the master artist Perry Porter create a masterpiece before my eyes. While we were all sad about this being the final Distinction at Candy Mountain show, we celebrated and honored its short legacy as much as we could. For more details on what went down at the show, read Micah’s Drunk At A Show piece on it.

Sasha's Picks:

Favorite Album: Lil Uzi Vert - Luv is Rage 2

Soundcloud rappers have taken over the music industry and I am living for it. Leo season was blessed this month with Lil Uzi’s fourth studio album Luv is Rage 2. The anticipated album features Pharrell Williams, The Weeknd and production by WondaGurl to name a few. August gave us some of the best hip hop albums of the year, Lil Uzi stands out from the rest with Luv is Rage 2 because of its homage to prolific times in hip-hop’s history. Take his track “The Way Life Goes” it reads like a 2000's pop punk song and sounds like Irv Gotti track from Juicy tracksuit days. A clear juxtaposition, executed well due to Lil Uzi’s ability to tap into that nostalgic sound. Uzi’s lyricism throughout the album also taps into hip-hop’s foundation of punk music with his choice of stylizing vocals. Recently Lil Uzi also credited Hayley Williams, front woman of Paramore, for his inspiration. If the album didn't already bang, that was the orange cherry topped we needed to make it official, this is the best of August. Just goes to show you, maybe the next DM you get might be the next Lil Uzi?

Favorite Show: DMM Benefit for the WEC

Hey guess what? My favorite show of the month was Distinction’s Benefit Show for the Washington Environmental Council at Fred Wildlife Refuge. Now before you tell me to sit down and be humble (ha ha). This was more than just a show to me, this was a chance to showcase part of my heritage through our Boss Bitch Bodeguita, a way to take a stand against climate change skeptics and to honor artists that I believe deserve to be recognized for their talents.

Oh and out of the twelve shows I went to this month only one of them had an all femme lineup. And with the whole world burning around us, it gives me hope seeing lineups that uplift women / poc.

***Shoutout to Reverend Dollars / Da Qween / Worshiprr / Ancient Mariner / Michete for their show ICONIC this month*** These acts constantly push for better bills, give to their community and ALWAYS. FUCKING. BRING. IT. So yes, technically DMM X WEC was my favorite show this month but my favorite thing? Is seeing members of our community uplifting one another and making moves together. The world can be a shitty place especially as of late but it feels a lot better knowing the people you admire are conquering music and creating spaces for everyone to feel welcome.

Mikayla's Picks:

Favorite Album: Yung Bae - Japanese Disco Edits 3

If you had asked me a week ago what my favorite album of the month was, I would’ve responded with “fuck if I know”, because if I’m being real with y’all, August disappointed me there for a while. Then, two Fridays ago a whirlwind of amazing things were released, making it suddenly really hard to decide on one album that I enjoyed this month. There was new EMA album, who I hadn’t even thought about since high school, the AMAZING Jamila Woods album, and Kitty’s album Miami Garden Club. But then the creme de la creme came out, and in my book when Yung Bae releases something, you stop everything and have an impromptu dance party. Yung Bae has his whole persona to a tee. The aesthetic is real. From the nostalgia of Japanese disco, combined with a french house feel, mixed with the Sailor Moon imagery, Yung Bae knows what he’s doing in a very meta way (which can be seen consistently through his twitter). We know what we’re getting from a Yung Bae album, and he knows what he’s giving us. Japanese Disco Edits 3 did not disappoint and I highly recommend you check it out, and then come cry with me over the fact that you also missed him play last week at Re-Bar last week (unless you did see him, in which wow I’m jealous).

Anna's Picks:

Favorite Show: Make Space Zine Issue 7 Release Party

Sadly, I was only able to attend about three shows this month. All of which were great. I have to shout out the DMM benefit show, it was so dope, thank you all who made it what it was! But the most powerful and moving show I was at this month was the Make Space Zine Issue 7 release party. You could feel the raw energy of all the talent in the room. With queer spoken word from Steven Dolan and Britt Greenwell both funny and real. To Taylar Elizza Beth bringing the crowd up with her energy, not to mention the emotion she brings out in everyone including herself. It was beautiful to be in an open and safe queer space where we could all openly express ourselves.

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