Get to Know Me: Cheap Sweat

Distinction Music Management is so stoked on our upcoming show that we've decided to give you an insider's look at the inspirations of all the bands playing this Saturday. Tune in every day this week to find playlists on the songs that inspire these artists and got them to where they were at now. This is Get To Know Me: Artist edition.

"The biggest thing all these songs have in common is their general simple structure and powerful vocal delivery. We also like really moody songs, which most of these are as well. I'm pretty moody myself, so I think they convey a lot of how I'm generally feeling on a day to day basis. In our opinion, it's not so much about being total gear-heads, but more about doing the best with what you've got (also because your gear will likely get stolen from the van while on tour and it's easier to replace less stuff). I always have to remind myself to "keep it simple stupid", and these songs help me remember that motto." - Ian (guitarist and vocalist of Cheap Sweat)

Make sure to see Cheap Sweat's influences at work at The Redlight this Saturday! We'll see you there (;

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