Anime Creek "Helicopter Youths" Review

(Photo by the talented Karimeh Daneshmandi, check out her work at

Nothing says Seattle like Anime Creeks opening track “I Hate Parties”. Lead singer Minna Lee’s soft, drowsy vocals over what feels like a party headache really ties the song together. Anime Creek wins with the opener “Every guy here thinks their a DJ, I could be at home in my pjs”. How fucking true is that sentence, you get a CDJ and suddenly you're Diplo (insert EYEROLL). Lyrically, this song is very #relatable, everyone's been that party mom once or twice. You're at a house show that you were dragged to and on top of already being annoyed, your best friend is having an intimate conversation with the toilet bowl ...and if you haven't been in that scenario chances are you are the trash town Sally we're talking about, so here's a link to what you should be drinking at the next show. Speaking of besties, the next track “Best Friends” is so heartwarming! The slow tempo of guitarist Grif Benzel feels like a blanket lullaby. Minna's voice cascades over with this delicate tone, yet is so powerful as she sings “Who's gonna be in your band when you write a badass song”. Everything about this track is affectionate, it's one of those songs that make you reminiscence on the weird quirks that make up friendships. When I listen to any Anime Creek songs I feel like a big sleepy baby traveling through a safe place filled with truths I never share and instead of that free fall feeling you get when you take chances. Anime Creek is there to pick you up and suddenly you're humming the most familiar tune. Anime Creeks Helicopter Youths is the soundtrack to the end of your road trip, goodbyes and to the times you need a friendly reminder that you're loved.

Get more of Anime Creek on their bandcamp, and make sure to see them live at The Redlight this Saturday!