Get to Know Me: Boat Race Weekend

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Le

Distinction Music Management is so stoked on our upcoming show that we've decided to give you an insider's look at the inspirations of all the bands playing this Saturday. Tune in every day this week to find playlists on the songs that inspire these artists and got them to where they were at now. This is Get To Know Me: Artist edition.

"To us, writing and performing music in this band is all about sharing in the human experience with people from all different walks of life. It's not about writing the most technical riff, the catchiest hook, or the most radio-worthy song. These songs we have chosen are all songs that we have connected with on a deep level at some point. They discuss loss, hope, fear, joy, spirituality, relationships, and personal journey. You'll also notice that these songs span genres- alternative, post-rock, hardcore, pop-punk, emo, spoken word. They are not the typical three and a half minutes in length. They don't necessarily all fit into a nice neat box. Each song has unique elements that have and continue to inspire us. Ambient guitar tones, creative song structure, tight/driving rhythm sections, honest/relatable lyrics, and emotion-filled vocals- these are just some of the elements that we love about these songs."

-Boat Race Weekend

Make sure to see Boat Race Weekend's influences at work at The Redlight this Saturday! We'll see you there (;

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