Premiere: Urban Ghost "Magic"

Usher in a new day with a premiere song and video by Seattle vibe-monks Urban Ghost. The charming new track is called "Magic" and the sound fits the title. It’s an elevating, groovy ballad in celebration of longing and hopefulness. Singer/Saxophonist Sam Morrison leads us along on a perfect day with someone special. We can’t help but feel equally sentimental and empowered by Morrison in his unabashed performance. The video’s crisp visuals subtly glide through imagery of the performing band classing up their workspace, dawning complimentary suits and instruments. There’s tasteful, geometric wipes and we are transported to one of those ideal outings, where one may struggle to enjoy themselves completely for fear of it all being some sort of hallucination. Anxieties settle, however, as we are continuously swept away on the notes so delicately dispersed to your ears by a band in harmony. We accept the experience for what it is and dance on through the day.

Watch the video below and check out more of Urban Ghost's music on their Bandcamp, and look for upcoming events on their Facebook page.

#urbanghost #magic

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