The Sweetheart Series: Ylva & Dylan

In the Sweetheart Series, we're giving artist interview control to the people who (probably should) know them best: their partners. The questions are up to them and we won't edit anything that's said in the interview. We're hoping this brings out a more intimate, interesting interview and, who knows, maybe they'll learn something they didn't know about their partner.(Note from our lawyer: Distinction Music Management is not liable for any break ups that result from the Sweetheart Series)

The artist: Dylan Berry of Nauticult The partner: Ylva Elhammer Time together: 7 months How they met: I was working at a café in lower Queen Anne and Dylan would come in occasionally since he worked down the street at Mcmenamin’s at the time. We both got a little flustered the first time we chatted because there was a pretty instant/intense mutual attraction. I referred to Dylan as my “crushtomer” and one day, my coworker chatted with him about hip hop music and Nauticult. She found him on social media and encouraged me to send him a message and ask him out. So I did!