Scorpio Season Playlist

Have you wondered why you started feeling so strangely a few days ago? Do you want an explanation for why tomorrow you see someone in line at Starbucks and want to know what the inside of their mouth tastes like? Why do you want to blow your savings on a motorcycle and go join Cirque du Soleil? The answer may not surprise you. It’s Scorpio season.

From October 23rd to November 21st the energy of the 8th House, the house of life, death, sex, and rebirth is firmly established as the rule of law. The desire for sensation and sensuality dominates the brain, and the body starts actualizing those thoughts. You want Steak, skydiving, grabbing that guy over there at the bar and making him choke you until you’re about to pass out. Everything. If you’re a Scorpio, or any other type of plutonian you already know those feelings and emotional spaces. You already know about everything being hyperreal.

But it’s not just the sensations and the desires that makes scorpionic energy so special and so useful. Scorpio’s signature is that they make strong decisions, big moves, and they marry the fruition of those moves. There is a personal effectiveness in this sign and their energies. Scorpios make things happen for themselves. Distinction wouldn’t have existed without its Scorpio president and co-founder (guess who). The following songs are indicative of that. The bodies of work and career progressions of these artists speak to their home field being rebirth and reinvention. Joni Mitchell’s cross genre and experimental success, ScHoolboy Q’s transition from gang banging to concept rapper. Frank Ocean and Bjork. Drake’s unparalleled pop brilliance. All of it.

The following is a collection of fifteen songs, all from Scorpios, taking on their most plutonian topics. Let it guide you through the ups and downs and conquests. With love from your friends at Distinction. <3 XO

Check out the playlist on mobile HERE

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