Kody Ryan's "Hard to Feel," got us in our feels

Distinction is always proud to partner with local small businesses in our community. Together were able to share and create on a larger scale. Constructing a space for artists who do not have a platform to share their music. In this review were happy to partner with our friends at Big Slide Records. Check out their latest release below from Kody Ryan.

Big Slide Records premiered Kody Ryan's “Hard to Feel” just in time for those of us who can’t admit we love cuffing season. All jokes aside, this track proves reflection can be painful but necessary tool falling in and out of love. Ryan’s voice is a mixture of melodic alto tones and a beckoning falsetto that carries a softness throughout the track. You drop as your mind races along with Ryan’s, you don’t want to feel it but each inch of you does. When he sings “ Fade into something else you don’t love it you hate it- Spending all your time feeling numb and sedated,” it comes down on you like a ton of bricks, one sided emotion can tear you up. Ryan’s honest portrayal of that is refreshing for electronic music. Ryan makes you remember the times you held onto something you know was fading but just needed it that one last time; “wishing you were mine even if we don’t make it.” You know exactly what’s happening because we’ve all been there. The track captures what some may call “millennial love” it’s fast and it’s fun and there’s a part of you that doesn’t even realize you’re falling alone. From there who wants to feel again? It’s easier to pretend it never happened. But there is a comfort throughout reliving the heartbreak with the seemingly romantic piano in the production. Towards the end of the track, you feel the memories cascading quickly through you. Whats next? The tempo heightens and maybe you finally are able to let go, or maybe this is us just coping.

If you’re a fan of Sampha or Majid Jordan Kody Ryan is your next favorite thing.

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