Brakebill's 'Two Weeks,' Dives In

Creative polymath Sam Brakebill Hacke, aka Brakebill’s creative output is as personal as it is steezy. Originating in Rochester, MN, Sam's brand of sad dog ghost-trap is aptly placed amidst Seattle’s seasonal depression haze. His beats are a tripped out mixture of bass heavy synth pop and cloudy trap beats. B-Bill’s vocal stylism is the rough equivalent of his music, straddling similar lines of droning pop and tight, bouncy bars. Lyrically, Brakebill moves around regions of sadness, loss, and anger, and amount of drug use and abuse that’s expected from any soundcloud rapper in 2017. The sound and themes of B-Bill’s creative movements are indicative of his associations, which include and go beyond the 69/50 crew. Brakebill has worked closely with Donormaal, AJ Suede, RVN, and Wolftone, and his beat credits extend even farther.

On this latest release, Brakebill’s coming strong with his signatures. The song goes from delicate to full banger in twelve seconds, with B-Bill skipping over the top of the beat with a dark synopsis of how his life’s been for him lately. Coming out of a difficult breakup, depression, work exhaustion and the anxiety of wondering whether one’s self-medication rituals or doing more help than harm, “Two Weeks” is a millennial anthem. Brakebill creativity is swim-or-die. His last creative collective, Lifetime Supply Club has morphed into a new collective called Glue, made of performers, visual artists, and general creatives. The Unit has a launch party December 2nd.