Worshiprr's #queeerabrasion is Finally Here

#queerabrasion takes you down the rabbit hole- if you let it. The second track off of Worshiprr’s new album #queerabrasion is titled ‘Bxrth’ the track carries a haunting production also done by its star, Worshiprr. The haunting track features Glitchlette and Novelty. Listening to ‘‘Bxrth’ is like walking down a hidden trail...you're not sure where this is going, it’s intimidating and it's curious. But unless you give yourself over to absolute pleasure you’ll never know all there is to offer. The track becomes chaotic, this sense of heightened awareness kicks in. That’s a beautiful thing about Worshiprr’s lyrics it stops you dead in your tracks because for once you have to really listen and reflect. It’s a mystical power few hold and Worshiprr has it down to a T. Novelty comes onto the track and gives a performance full of contemplation and low vibrato that feels so honest, it’s refreshing. ‘Femmecock’ needs no introduction, but I’ll give it to you anyway (in Worshiprr fashion). The galactic track feels visual and cerebral like exploring something unknown. All the new senses hit you leaving you feeling stunned. #queerabrasion is full of storytelling the honesty drips from track to track. Worshiprr molds the goriest bits of your life and breathes beauty into the horror as a form of healing. In the words of Worshiprr she is “Giving birth to vibrant mess” and that vibrant mess is #queerabrasion