Havania Whaal's 'Elaborate Minor Crisis' is a stargaze-pop supernova

Portland’s DIY dreamers, Havania Whaal just put out their new album #ElaborateMinorCrisis and it sure is an emotional roller coaster, it’s a full on breakdown of this band’s eclectic influences. The album starts out with a shrill violin part that almost sounds like crying over the drowsy guitar and drums, giving you a taste of the grey sky brand of shoegaze that this Portland quartet has down so well. After opening, the band picks up the tempo and rides out on a glistening guitar riff by Paul Sobiech; reminiscent of something from DIIV’s Oshiin release. Distorted power chords drenched in delay, coupled with the harmonies of the drummer Noelle Magia and bassist Caroline Jackson towards the end of the track pull you into the depths of their insufferable emotions, accomplishing the magic that the Cocteau twins do in the same way. Speaking of twins, this group has the power of a sibling duo behind it with brother and sister Sobiech and Magia, which is an unspoken plus for so many amazing musical groups.