Best Of: October


Best Album: Kelela - Take Me Apart

This album is one I know we’ve all been waiting for, and I must say it did not disappoint. Take Me Apart is futuristic yet reminiscent of 90s R&B. It’s sultry, melodic yet choppy with amazing production. This is definitely one you need to check on.

Best Show:

I feel like I say this every month, but this was one of my favorite shows I’ve been to. It was on halloween, my favorite holiday. Timbre room was full of beautiful energy. And to be honest, I have seen all of these artists multiple times, each of their sets was the best I’ve ever seen them play. They clearly were feeding off the vibe of the room and the crowd.


Best Album: dvsn - Morning After

Morning After is one of those albums that you play when you feel like a baddie. It’s filled with “so what” attitude but pulls you back to reality with the mentions of heartbreak. Take the track ‘Runaway’ it has a boy band feel, I hear One Direction (RIP) in it. Once the eerie piano and string section course through the track it turns into an anthem of “Why you hurt me baby?” The track ‘Nuh Time / Tek Time’ is a smooth Brandy-esque track. The piano in ‘Keep Calm’ carries a disco vibe from some funk album but with DVSN’s sweet falsetto it turns into a bedroom track. DVSN is one of those artists you know will constantly put out great material. The production is filled with a past R&B feel but with an added electronic bassline it feels new- it has bite.

Best Show: Le Femme and Jacques at The Crocodile

Sometimes you just need to grab your closest girlfriends and dance it the fuck out. Life has a way of changing your sour mood quickly if you pay close attention to concert calendars. Luckily, La Femme was playing at The Crocodile. La Femme's opener was a quizzical one man show who went by the name of Jacques; and it was hysterical. You know those corny dinner at a show type sitcom things? No? Okay. It’s alright stay with me. Jacques was like watching someone give you Seinfeld-esque jokes while a playlist of satirical indie rock played softly in the background. The room filled with laughter and it felt as if you were just on your couch jamming with friends, shooting the shit. It’s a hard feeling to create, but Jacques excelled with his clever lines and waning rhythm guitar. I haven’t seen a reading of the room that well since a reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. La Femme took stage with their hypnotic French psych-punk and everyone lost it. Neon lights cascaded a glow on stage and tracks from their debut album Psycho Tropical Berlin to their most recent release Mystère played like an over the top party scene in a music video. Lead singer Clémence Quélennec’s voice is the equivalent of a chic Instagram, it’s powerful and playful; it gives a holding your hairbrush dancing in your room type vibes. La Femme's coldwave sounds are a spectacle to be seen.


Best Album: King Krule- The Ooz

I wasn’t really familiar with King Krule before listening to this album other than knowing the name and knowing that he was quoted saying he “couldn’t be bothered” to go into the studio with Kanye (I mean DAMN!). I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into this album, but I fell in love with it, the way one falls in love with a sense of nostalgia that they never experienced. The album holds a lot of jazz and blues influences, which really resonate. A mix of lo-fi noise with a blues bassline and jazz sax, topped with King Krule’s haunting voice. The only way I can think of describing the presence of his voice would be if the crooning singing of Mac Demarco met the dark soulfulness of Justin Vernon. The album is like dancing alone in an empty jazz bar, the perfect soundtrack for the spookiness of fall.

If you can somehow find a ticket, you can catch King Krule this Friday (11/3) at the Showbox.

Best Show:

Scorpio season was not nice to ya girl and unfortunately I did not have the time or resources to go to any shows. So instead, I will be discussing my favorite book from this month, because reading is sexy and free!

Best Book: Kim Gordon- Girl In A Band

I’ve been meaning to read this book for some time now, but I finally picked it up at Elliot Bay on sale and got to it! I always liked Sonic Youth, but never would’ve considered myself a huge fan in any way. Since reading the book (and while reading the book), I however found myself pretty much only listening to Sonic Youth and coming to really love and appreciate the mark they left on the music world. This book is perfect for anyone just getting back into reading on the reg. It’s easy to read, filled with historical information from Gordon’s perspective, and on many occasions is full of Gordon spilling the tea on other famous people you may know. This book really puts into perspective how artists are still people at the end of the day, and how fame doesn’t always change people (although sometimes it does). Plus you’ll look cool as hell carrying this around in your bag.


Best Album: Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Lotta Sea Lice

I’ve been anticipating this album ever since it was announced that the two lackadaisical singer/songwriters would be teaming up and it did not disappoint. A perfect union, the two seem destined to work together, with Barnett’s wordy lyrics combining effortlessly with Vile’s drawl. Lotta Sea Lice is an album that I can see listening to continually over the years and aging incredibly well. 10/10 on the chill spectrum. I saw the two of them perform at the Moore and they were amazing. Roughly 85% of the shows I go to are in standing-room-only sweaty basements so it was very very nice to be able to sit in a comfy chair and just ~*chill*~

Best Show: Nauticult, Mons La Hire, and LøveJøy at the Lorax Manner

I had the pleasure of tour managing for local experimental hip hop band Nauticult for two weeks in October. We played a number of amazing shows down the coast but my favorite was our second show on the tour at the Lorax Manner in Eugene. The Lorax Manner is co-operative living space that has taken the Dr. Seuss theme to another level. The literal mansion is covered floor to ceiling with unique art that is quite a feast for the eyes. Corvalis collaborative band and all-around good people of Mons La Hire kicked things off with some really sweet, beautiful twee pop. Things took an entirely different course once Nauticult took the stage and completely raged out. The crowd was really receptive to them, with nearly everyone moshing or dancing. Portland trio LøveJøy kept the energy up with their brand of soul meets classic rock. We stayed and partied for awhile, with strong suspicions that a number of the people living in the co-op had dranken shroom tea, which is exactly what I would expect in co-op. Also important to note: Nauticult frontman Austin Sankey had his first opportunity to sign a Nauticult t-shirt for a new fan at this show :')