Drunk At A Show: Worshiprr & Ancient Mariner Dual Album Release

A week ago today, on my favorite day of the year, Halloween, I got drunk at a show. That show was the dual album release of Ancient Mariner with Forever::Hotel and Worshiprr’s #queerabrasion with special guest DoNormaal. This was more of a celebration of friends rather than your typical show and the best part is we were all in costume.

Worshiprr was the first to grace the stage. Covered completely in glitter, she was hard to miss. As Worshiprr goes into the powerful depth of #queerabrasion we’re hit with the visual art of Ed, the invisible artist who spent the set sensually painting a blow up doll covered in duct tape. The honest intensity Worshiprr provides during every set she plays really makes you feel a one-on-one connection with her. When she came off stage I couldn’t help but give her the biggest hug to congratulate her, I’m pretty sure I still have glitter somewhere on my body but it was totally worth it.