Drunk At A Show: High Voltage at the Substation

When you hear Carl Carlton mixed with Drake you have to wonder who was the genius behind it. Sir Nicolas opened our night at the Substation with simplistic transitions and drum heavy blends. Playing everything from the early 80’s to today’s pop music, he displayed isolated beats and songs providing clarity within each mix. Using various samples from hip hop and other genres he owned his individuality by being versatile in his song selection and drops. Overall, his opening performance made the audience comfortable and find their groove.

Grooving into the next set who blew me away with his agility, OFFWHITE conquered the stage with reinvention. By taking mainstream songs such as Post Malone’s “Congratulations” and Jack U “Mind” he stripped vocals and made his own compilation of instruments to create a new beat for them to lay on. He made swift and confident transitions which allowed time for the audience to catch up to the music. The energy shined through each scratch and humor as OFFWHITE included Kanye’s infamous Taylor Swift diss as a transition. Overall, a must see and one you won’t forget.

Speaking of the unforgettable I won’t forget Calico who had me up on my feet dancing for half his set. Exuding personality with his non stop movement on stage, I felt his energy from 20 feet away. Zoning into his mixing, Calico made every song and turn seem personal. As he and the table were one, we as a audience became one with him. Mixing songs from Three Six Mafia and Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" he could’ve resurrected hip hop. His fast pace tempo and elaborate blends showed no restrictions and made you want to engage on the dance floor. Overall, sparked my interest and made me dance like there was no tomorrow.

As we continue into the next day, we had our headliner Tails present the stage with a mind blowing performance. Looping every song perfectly with a run of three minutes each he managed to bring out the quality of each song. Focusing on the treble and bass merge, he heightens each song to make a excellent bass heavy sound. Paying close attention to time and separation, each instrument was allowed to stand on its own and fall into the next loop. At one point I said to myself “It’s like a candle, the last drop is the spark that you won’t let out”. Overall, amazing DJ and very experienced in his delivery.

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