Review: Taylar Elizza Beth - "Light On"

Transcendent member of Seattle’s music scene, singer/rapper/dancer/local god Taylar Elizza Beth’s work carries an understated bravado that slips through the cracks in your self perception and plants seeds deeply in your brain. You know more than you know yourself that she means what she’s saying. The brutal emotional honesty and melodic bars of Taylar’s past output are present, and ratcheted up to a new high in T.E.B.’s latest release, “Light On.”

Brakebill holds the song down with an echoey deep-sea slow burn beat while Taylar navigates like a hunting angler fish. She weaves a story about fear, survival and relationships, all relating to safety and self preservation. This is the inimitability of the 69/50 aesthetic of raw aggression coming out of cool colored clouds of production. The rest of TEB’s new material doesn’t promise the same sad, reassuring aesthetics as Fresh Cut Flowers. During a show at Seattle’s Chop Suey a few weeks ago, Taylar gave some background on her upcoming project, saying that it was going to draw heavily from the sounds and producers of the Tacoma underground. This is a switch up. The Tacoma sound is grittier and trappier, which should just be bigger, meaner, hairier hackles over Taylar's already savage teeth.

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