Album Premiere: SEACATS - 'The Box Forever'

Seattle’s SEACATS are no strangers to the struggles encountered when trying to make something of yourself and watching the transient nature of love come to fruition all at once. This is the main topic explored on their new single “My Shoes,” an indie pop-rock groove that posits the listener in their vantage point while appealing to a universal empathy.

While telling a tale of a love lost due to busy schedules and the pursuit of passion projects, SEACATS return to the wish to be able to be happy when they're standing still, the relatable goal of being content once all the chaos settles. Coming to the realization that those quiet moments with another soul who truly understands you outweighs the continual pursuit of success, they wistfully explain how the world looks while standing in their shoes.

The new song comes on the new cassette compilation of previous albums Songs From The Box, released in 2014, and 2016's SEACATS FOREVER. Together they make The Box Forever (or The Forever Box, either are correct), a specialty cassette release via Noise Noise Ouch Stop Records released today. The band has also made the album streamable on Bandcamp.

“My Shoes” was mixed by indie-pop darling Darwin Deez, and features ARP 2600 synthesizer on the outro by legendary Seattle producer Steve Fisk. The cassette comes w/ a custom-designed, reversible j-card and tape label featuring updated art for both releases.

If you don't know SEACATS, they proclaim themselves as "a D-list Seattle indie-rock band" but they're much more than that. Fronted by the duo of brothers Mike and Josh Davis, the band can trace its roots all the way back to 2008 when the two brothers created an internet comedy show in their small hometown of Kelso, WA. This eventually grew into a collaborative project that some might call a band, who've dabbled in nearly every medium including performance art, video, narrative theatre, live improv, as well as music. The latter of which really kicked off after their 2010 Sound Off! performance.

The band was signed to Fin Records in 2013, former home to Tangerine, Jack Endino, and Kairos, to release the single "Wrecked" as well as a 7 inch. The visibility from the label gave them the opportunity bands only dream of: to play a live KEXP session. Unfortunately, the label folded soon after but the band lived on. The Box Forever is an opportunity to catch up on their previous music and become familiar with the group’s introspective musings before their new album, of which "My Shoes" is the first taste, is released.


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