Sagittarius Season Playlist

From out behind the powerful Neptunian death shadow of Scorpio season comes something different. We're through with the magic and mystery of Halloween, darkness and power energy buzzing through the air, and we have entered a changed state of being, filled with new challenges and catering to different proclivities.

Jupiter, the powerful, lucky ruler of Sagittarius takes its place as king, dispensing wisdom, focus, curiosity and coolness to everyone lucky enough to be alive in this spiritual climate. Sagittarius characterizes a curious, self assured person. Sagis are personable and kind, and know how to keep themselves and the people they love safe - which sometimes seems at odds with the Sagi’s propensity toward recklessness. Sagi’s are lucky, and they know they will have success doing everything they try, whether it’s their preferred creative disciplines or blacking out in the club at 9 p.m. Their self-conviction comes from the luck implicit with Jupiter’s kids.

When it comes to music, Sagis have been trailblazers. Their knack for balancing complex, abstract concepts and disciplines dovetails with their sense of adventure and recklessness to make a compelling rock and roll archetype. A Sagi musician knows all and sees all, and is willing to try it all, flying in the face of the bad things that could happen. The Sagittarius is wired for the biggest flavor of artistic freedom possible. The Kills stand out as probably the most Sagittarian band physically possible as both members, Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart are both Sagis. Their sun signs give compelling context for why they have functioned as a powerful force in (actually interesting) contemporary blues rock, also the fact that their creative relationship, much lauded by tumblr and tabloids alike has remained platonic for the band's entire 16-year existence. These fixed signs are excellent companions, and not so severely attached lovers.

Generally, what stuck out to me about Sagittarian artists was their overall vision of life, including all the various ups and downs, but always touched with the knowledge that that’s how life works. In the words of Dr. Manhattan; “it keeps going.” The Edith Piaf banger “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” and Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It” are Sagi health-through-detachment anthems. Something else that sets these artists apart is their aggressive level of creative evolution. Tom Waits’ career wide play with with aesthetics, Zappa’s godlike legacy and Hendrix’s ubiquity as a game changer all set them apart.

Take a stroll through the garden of discovery, and never be afraid to reach for heaven.

The following is a collection of fifteen songs, all about Sagis, taking on their most defining traits. Let it motivate you through the season. With love from your friends at Distinction. <3 XO

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