Drunk At A Show: The Dawn Bombs, Colorworks, & Shimmertraps at the Mind Palace

I don’t normally go to house shows and I don’t normally drink. As I sat in my room trying to suppress being drunk off of one Icehouse with a Costco muffin, I wasn’t sure what kind of night I had in store.

The Mind Palace is a well-known and respected house show venue in Bellingham and the Facebook event for this show allured that “this will be a night of provocative, catchy indie pop of the psychedelic, electric, jazzy, and undeniably dance-y varieties.”

I’ll admit that the shitty beer wore off way too early and by the time I arrived at the Mind Palace I was already sober with a sour stomach and as someone who has no problem never leaving their apartment I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay, but I toughed it out for the sake of not having to admit that I spent my Friday night at home and in bed by 9pm.

Shimmertraps was up first. Their bass-heavy pop sound was a good way to get the crowd going. The crowd was a decent size, and pulled all of the house show regulars – drunk freshman dancing in the front row and awkward house show bros that reeked of cigarettes and double denim.

Shimmertraps can best be described as Tame Impala but dreamier. Their set was primarily driven by their synths which got the audience grooving, but nothing too crazy. Toward the end, the drummer announced, “I don’t know what this one’s called, we’re just gonna fuck around,” and they banged out three straight minutes of power chords and cymbal crashes which drove everyone wild. My lame ass got lightheaded from just bobbing my head along and after their set was done two songs later I had to remove myself from the room before I puked. Shimmertraps provided a good show with a solid ending that got everyone buzzing and ready for what was to come.

Due to my sudden ailment that wasn’t cured by stepping outside between bands and being trapped into a conversation with some random guy that was clearly on psychedelics, I swapped my front row view to a safe spot in the hall, peering in through the doorway.

Colorworks was a band from Seattle which they didn’t let anyone forget, as they punctuated each song by getting on the mic and saying “We’re Colorworks. We’re from Seattle.” They were interactive with the crowd (Having everyone shout out where they were from at once and telling bad jokes, for example) and their quirky and confident stage presence was admirable. Clad in blazers and oxfords, they played a fun set that clearly drew influence from 60’s psychedelic rock. As with most house show opening bands, probably nobody in the crowd had ever heard a song of theirs before, but the attendees could have fooled me with how much everyone genuinely enjoyed watching Colorworks do their thing.

By the time the Dawn Bombs got on stage and did their soundcheck, everyone was in the room and it seemed like the crowd had doubled in size. People filled in the gaps that once were and poured out of the room into the hallway and kitchen of the house. Even their soundcheck had people dancing. I was close to death at this point, but I wanted to stay and see if they would play my favorite song of theirs, and they did. The Dawn Bombs opened with the boisterous "Monde Rose" from their debut EP Greetings From… that allowed singer Ben Waight to show off his bright voice and swarm of frolicking guitar licks. Even though there were some technical difficulties at the start of the song and the microphones weren’t working properly, this didn’t stop everyone from going as hard as they could in such a tightly packed space.

I don’t have the stamina of the girls I saw in the front row who danced nonstop for the entire hour and a half that I was there, and I had to tap out after they played "Monde Rose." I know that the audience would be in good hands and the Dawn Bombs would keep everyone just as engaged as they were at the start for the rest of the night. The Mind Palace promised a fun show that would make everyone dance and they did not disappoint.

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