Drunk At A Show: Anime Creek and AlAIA at Stone Way Cafe

Shows at cafés are a different flavor than shows at bars or basements. They require you to be there and listening, and little else; it’s a nice change from sweaty, rowdy gigs that are loads of fun but sometimes too energetically demanding. There’s not that stale-beer-with-a-hint-of-piss smell hanging in the air, no aggro pit tornado in front of the band, no need for earplugs. Café shows feel medicinal to the quiet kid in me who needs tranquility as badly as she needs music.

This week, on Monday the 20th, I got my first café show dosage of this dark season at Stone Way Café in Fremont, where I saw Anime Creek and A|A|A (or Alaia, as in Alaia D’Alessandro of Tres Leches).