Premiere: ‘Choke Me’ by Floral Print

If you love whimsical theatrics and pretty swells of guitars then Floral Print is the band for you. Their music video of "Choke Me" is filled with 90s-esque graphics that take you on a wild ride. Remember when you’d stay home from school and after like 11AM all the TV was garbage but then you’d get sucked into watching Jerry Springer and loved every waking moment of it? That’s Floral Print. All of the absurd antics are tantalizing, push that aside though and "Choke Me" is still a bop, that doesn’t even need the added capers. But why not? It’s like throwing glitter all over the party and then adding a dash to your drink! WHY THE HELL NOT.

Hailing from Atlanta, Floral Print met on a whim over Facebook. What started out as a chance occurrence between drummer Paul DeMerritt and singer/guitarist Nathan Springer (Narrator) sprouted into a continually exciting and unpredictable collaboration. The pair first started practicing and performing around Atlanta in late 2014, and quickly started honing their penchant for dizzying song structures and erratic rhythms grounded in pop sensibilities. Their debut EP woo, recorded with bassist George Pettis (100 Watt Horse) and producer Graham Tavel, showcased Floral Print’s vibrant pastiche of psych-pop, early emo, ambient, and deconstructionist rock. Following woo, the duo (rounded out by a rotating cast of bassists) embarked on numerous tours throughout the East Coast and Midwest, making friends and ti