Drunk At A Show: Harland Griffin Album Release

“I was told I was a protege// mobbing deep on the odyssey// come and ride the wave while I procreate a prophecy.” Harland (Penthouse)

The case of the Monday’s doesn’t exist when you’re riding waves with Lightwav Records. The album release party for Harland Griffin’s Neon Dreams at Timbre Room gave us a glimpse of what we can expect from this dynamic label. Showcasing some of their up and coming artists, they tease the eardrums of the audience with a taste of every favor of music. Ranging from funk, rnb, techno, and pop. They all played with different sounds deejaying and emceeing in a manner that was respectable.

To begin the night Pheso spinned a collection of isolated sounds. Some think this word isolated means that one beat out shines another, but not in this case. He made clean collaborations between each instrument presenting them in styles that gave them their own identity. This allowed for precision and a more progressive EDM vibe.

Slickback Mac took the stage next spinning nothing but funk. Dropping all the oldies like "Knuck if you Buck" by Crime Mob and "Dance Tonight" by Lucy Pearl, he showed his knowledge of hip hop. Displaying quick transitions and attention to where instruments were placed, he accomplished full songs. Layering new aspects on top of these classics, he reinvented the sound of the early 2000’s. Delivering nothing but groovy waves and upbeat rays he made danceable music.

Still dancing Bogi took his throne entering our minds with Latin instruments infused with rap. Shimming and grooving to his mixing of hip hop and Latin percussions I found his music captured my feet. At one point the crowd began to salsa and cha cha while he continued to add specks of funky drum samples. Not only did he give us a palette of colorful funk he managed to sneak some hip hop juices in there. Traveling through the elements of hip hop the audience emerges into the emceeing role.

Starting our transition we are graced with the rapper Rasheed Smiley’s set. Punching us with quick, carefully thought out wordplay, he demands the audience to listen to his story. Giving high energy and dominating stage presence, he connects with the crowd. At one point he jumped out into the crowd making his performance more intimate and personal, which matched his vulnerable set.

Olaye stepped on the stage with high energy and confidence. Playing some of the crowds favorites from Love & Hate Are The Same such as "Co-Sign" and "Blue Faces", he immediately had everyone moving. Embedding anecedotes of cruising around the cops and how to stay motivated, he speaks positive waves into his audience. Linked with his catchy hooks and wordplay he gives us a look into who he is.

Harland Griffin blew me away with his clever movement and slick humor. Owning his release party, he was playful and the center of everyones attention. Delivering his music with intent and fluency each song became a scene in his movie. Giving us Neon Dreams, I saw the colors Harland tried to invoke into each of us. Not only was his lyricism fun to listen to the production of Sir Nicolas added bedding of soul and rnb to his flow. All together the fusion of these two turned out to be a masterpiece and may have birth a new beauty into the Seattle hip hop scene.

If you missed this AMAZING show make sure to check out Harland Griffin's new release Neon Dreams on Soundcloud or below!

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