Capricorn Season Playlist

Distinction Music Management's House Astrologist, Micah Frederick brings us another playlist installment as we shift out of Sagittarius season into Capricorn season.

December 22nd sees a shift in energy as the individualistic tendencies of gregarious Jupiter shift into the colder focus of Saturn, the ruler of boundaries. The change is palpable as we enter Capricorn season. Capricorn energy is ruled by Saturn, the master of boundaries and limitations. The rings of Saturn are not so much constricting, but strong and objective lines in the sand. The phrase glass ceiling could have been first spoken by a Capricorn, given their aptness for seeing, and more importantly seeing past limitations. They know what it is to strive, and they feel the pressure of seeing where they want to be while knowing where they are.

The Capricorn cliche paints a picture of a dour, secretive prick who’s only thought is how they don’t like everybody and would rather be at work. Though Capricorns can often be a little emotionally closed off and overly-practical people, their expansiveness and the clarity of their vision is something all the other signs could learn from. Sagittarius is famous for putting on blinders with projects, but Capricorn has blinders on their entire vision. They will not allow themselves to be slowed down by outside forces, especially if those forces are people. This energy can project itself in many different directions. This divergence often makes very polarizing figures.

Polarizing is the word of the fucking month when I was putting the playlist together. Let me just give you a list of names:

Elvis, Skrillex, Zooey Deschanel, Bones, Poppy, Kid Rock, Jared Leto, Psy, R. Kelly, Matty B. Raps, Pitbull, Andy Biersack, Meghan Trainor, Rob Zombie and Dave Grohl.

The writer probably doesn’t need to bring up how... let’s just leave it at polarizing, these figures are. Actually, let’s not. One of my favorite tenets of astrology is that it takes into account bias and objective clarity both so strongly. People love to hate a Capricorn. You’ve probably heard all those artists hated more than people know half their songs. The thing to keep in mind is that with all of these artists, no matter how absurd they are or how much their music and characters are hated, they each have a very dedicated cult following. No one featured in this playlist isn’t also a sex symbol. In tarot, the card most associated with Capricorn is the devil. Though the Devil isn’t a positive card in a tarot spread, one of its interpretations is that of the scapegoat; the figure that is only negative because others project so much negativity on them. We hate the Cap’s boundaries because our boundaries are so weak. Their drive reminds us how wishy-washy we are. Their silence is a white canvas that does a great job showcasing the shit we smear on it.

This blank canvas strikes a different chord with the identity of Caps in music as well. Capricorns do not feel as if they are default, they do not feel like they are at one with the rest of the world. Part of being ruled by the god of boundaries is feeling disconnects deeply. This perceived otherness comes up very literally with many of these artists who establish a non-human character, and reference back to that character in their work. Bowie’s a starman, Poppy’s a cyborg, Manson is a chemically-manufactured neu-starman, and Rob Zombie is Rob Zombie.

There is also a very firm understanding of striving, the act of working, the pressure of seeing where you want to be and knowing where you are. Capricorns are success driven because their vision is so good. The idea of doing great work fuses with the idea of otherness with work, like Lin Manuel-Mirandas stepping into the character of Alexander Hamilton (also a Capricorn) and Astronautalis’ obsession with the characters of founding fathers, dead scientists and famous outlaws in This Is Our Science. (*)

This season, think about your haters, and think about how they have nothing to do with you. Think about the goals you are trying to achieve and how those things have been stopped by others, and how that doesn’t need to be the case. Stay grounded, assert your boundaries, and have fun this season.

(*) Footnote: since I get too, I heartily encourage everyone to bump Astronautalis’ 2011 album The Is Our Science. It’s a record that views faith, love, success, and truth all as the same pursuit and is written from the perspective of people who were successful but felt they were banging their head against a wall in the process. Every song on the record is a Capricornian anthem.

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