Mikayla's Top 10 Albums of 2017

At Distinction Music Management we realize that not everyone's music taste is 100% the same. Even with this realization you will probably notice that pretty much 99% of all end of year lists are pretty much identical. That's why we wanted to change it up and showcase what we consider each of our top albums of the year. We're not saying they're the best albums, but that they are our favorites and meant the most to us this past year, because who are we to judge one persons art over another's.

10. Pop 2 - Charli XCX

This is what Pop should be in 2017. This album is the equivalent of a sleepover with all your bad bitch friends, and it's impossible not to dance around in your pjs while it plays.

9. 1992 Deluxe - Princess Nokia

This album would be in the top 5 of my list if I didn't consider it somewhat of a cop out as a "2017" album. However, I had to include it because it influenced so much of my year. Every song on this album is a fucking banger, and is thoughtful and woke and unlike anything we've really heard before. I'm super excited to see what Princess Nokia brings us next.

8. Skin Companion EP 2 - Flume

Every year there seems to be an EP that makes the cut, and this year it was Flume's Skin Companion EP II. It's an EP I never would've expected from Flume, or as a companion to Skin, but at the same time it works, it REALLY works. It's such a jam packed, really powerful EP that I find myself constantly going back to.

7. Digital Druglord - Blackbear

This album is the basic bitch inside of me coming out, but I listened to this album A LOT this year. It's what I want out of Soundcloud rap, minimalist production to pair with the over the top autotune and lyricism. It's just the best version of 2017 hip hop / r&b. While cybersex, that also came out this year, had way more big name features (Riff Raff, Tinashe, T-Pain, 2 Chainz, etc.), I feel like Digital Druglord was just a lot more approachable and emotional.

6. 9 - Cashmere Cat

Cashmere Cat managed to make this album extremely dreamy sounding without succumbing to typical cheesy EDM samples. It also isn't too overpowered by it's big name features, which isn't easy to do. This album made the list for being super well produced and catchy ("9(After Coachella)" ft. MO and SOPHIE is definitely one of my favorite tracks of the year.)

5. Wash & Set - Leikeli47

It's been quite a year for female rappers, and Leikeli47 is one of the best. This album is just so reminiscent of early 2000's rap and hip hop. It's like Missy Elliott and Lil Kim had a baby and I'm so in love. This album is SUPER underrated and if you haven't listened to it yet, you should get on that ASAP. Overall I just really missed this kind of production and I'm glad to see it back. Also the fact that "M I L K" is not only a straight up ad for Milk Makeup, but also a BANGER is being a girl boss at it's finest.

4. Number One Angel - Charli XCX

ANOTHER CHARLI XCX ALBUM?! ISN'T THAT CHEATING? If it is I don't really care because my girl Charli KILLED it this year. As much as I loved Pop 2 (as you saw above) Number 1 Angel just stuck with me so much more, partly because I spent a lot more time with the album and also because this album wasn't as overpowered by features like Pop 2. Honestly the best way I can describe the differences between the albums is between Charli's frequent sultry callout of "XCX" throughout Number 1 Angel in comparison to her frequent use of "it's Charli baby" in Pop 2 (Think posh spice vs. baby spice.) Number 1 Angel is much more of a sexy, sultry love story and overall feels more like flirting in a club versus dancing with your friends at home.

3. The Ooz - King Krule

I love this album so much. I feel like it's a pretty good representation of the genre characteristics that we'll start seeing rock go towards (you know now that it's "dead" or whatever.) I just love throwing this on and pretending like I'm in some swanky underground jazz club. You can read a more detailed description of my thoughts here.

2. Scum Fuck Flower Boy - Tyler, the Creator

Growing up a huge Tyler and Odd Future fan, I really liked how this album was like Tyler growing up with me. There is still that sense of radical and obnoxiousness, but it's toned down and done much more artfully. Honestly it's a really beautiful album and I would probably consider it his best album. You can read a much more detailed version of why I love this album here.

1. Big Fish Theory - Vince Staples

Normally it is super hard for me to figure out which album deserves the coveted number 1 spot, but this year it was a breeze. From the moment this album came out I knew it would be my favorite of the year (as can be seen here.)Its also easily my most listened to album of the year (despite what Spotify might tell me.) The album was made for me and I really love how amidst a million Soundcloud rappers, Vince showed us what hip hop can really become in our electronic focused music scene. It also hits all the marks for me; it flows nicely as a complete work, no one song outshines another song, and it is something completely different than what we've heard in the scene or from Vince's older works.

Honorable Mentions:

Mura Masa - ST

SZA - Ctrl

Kitty - Miami Garden Club

Kehlani - SweetSexySavage

Khalid- American Teen

Jamila Woods - HEAVN

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