Drunk At A Show: Nauticult, The Breathing Effect, ackerman, & J’owl at Funhouse

While in the midst of my solo date night I decided to step out of my comfort zone. Scanning through the list of shows on our blogger page I saw a familiar name, Nauticult. Usually I would lean toward EDM and Hip Hop shows but this one was a treat. As my uber approached the Funhouse club I became nervous and a little excited. As I entered the establishment the vibrant colorways and arcade games gave me joy. This feeling of elation continued as the first act took the stage.

The man J'owl helmed the night in the right direction with his saxophone and music board. Illustrating expert skills he chose to incorporate smooth drumming and spoken word. Along with his amazing tones the bubble blowing of Nauticult member Dylan added a nice touch. All of these different elements made J'owl’s set fun and food for the soul.

Still hungry for more I sat waiting for the group ackerman. This band used drums, vocals, bass, and theremin (if you are curious to what a theremin is it’s the instrument you wave your hand over). All of these combined concocted something to remember. As I sat pausing from the write up I was doing for the night before I found myself in awe. Losing myself in there smooth trance concocted poison I allowed myself to fall into this bands resonance.

Taking deep breaths and trying to settle my mind the band The Breathing Effect took the stage. As they began playing I knew right then and there that I wouldn’t be able to settle. Still writing for the night before I had finally finished, and they had my full attention. This band's energy exuded levels that made my mind travel to dog parties. Giving love, warmth, and a little random the band The Breathing Effect conquered the saying “I’m an artist who makes music”.

Finally it was time for the main course as the band Nauticult graced the stage. Transitioning the crowd into their act Austin provided humorous dialogue easing us into his epic lyricism. Moving at lighting speed he mastered the machine gun rap. Being one who wasn’t expecting this group to come as hard as they did, it was refreshing to see the collide of two worlds crash in front of me. One song that stood out the most was "Extinct Flowers." As vocalist Austin dived into the crowd on bended knee serenading flowers that once could’ve been there we felt his raw emotion. The grit and intentional movement and props of this set left me wanting more and content with my chose to watch this group.

Check out these amazing bands they will take you out of your comfort zone and make you want to explore a new world.

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