Premiere: The City Hall - "Post"

Start 2018 off right by giving a listen to The City Hall’s new track, “Post,” off their forthcoming album Real Nice and Hurtful.

“Post” has a whimsical, 2000s indie rock sound that features The City Hall’s characteristically disillusioned lyrics to keep it from being too peppy. It begins with a soundbite of cheering and punchy electric guitar strums, capturing your attention and then keeping you mesmerized with a playful vocal melody. Luke Hogfoss and Casey Dunau, the core members of The City Hall, take turns with lead vocals in this track. This was a decision made by Dunau, who primarily wrote the song. “I wanted to have us take turns singing the parts to give it a sort of disjointed split personality feel,” he said. They pull this off; when listening to how the two bounce off each other in the song, it feels simultaneously fragmented and cohesive—two complementary parts of a whole.

The song has a daydream-like tone that stirs up feelings of childhood nostalgia, thanks in part to the guitar work of Hogfoss. “I wanted it to have a kind of toy-like quality to fit the catchy pop melody,” he said. This in combination with a bubbly synth riff make its sound reminiscent of carnivals and music boxes, all of which contrasts with the dispirited subject matter and works to further highlight the disparate feeling that anchors the song. To emphasize this even more, during the second verse you hear Hogfoss laughing while singing, making it sound like the narrator of the song is truly unraveling.

They recorded “Post” and the rest of Real Nice and Hurtful with Mike Vernon, a seasoned producer and sound engineer who encouraged them to take risks during their recording sessions. “We brought a lot of conceptual ideas to the table, but Mike was able to translate those into meaningful recording techniques that produced the sounds we wanted,” Dunau said.

Real Nice and Hurtful will be released May 11. Until then, check out the video for “Post,” presented by Distinction Music Management.

Catch The City Hall tonight at the "Post" release show at The Royal Room with Grubby Sweetheart, Josh From Seacats (with Sebastian), and Middle Names.


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