Premiere: The City Hall - "Post"

Start 2018 off right by giving a listen to The City Hall’s new track, “Post,” off their forthcoming album Real Nice and Hurtful.

“Post” has a whimsical, 2000s indie rock sound that features The City Hall’s characteristically disillusioned lyrics to keep it from being too peppy. It begins with a soundbite of cheering and punchy electric guitar strums, capturing your attention and then keeping you mesmerized with a playful vocal melody. Luke Hogfoss and Casey Dunau, the core members of The City Hall, take turns with lead vocals in this track. This was a decision made by Dunau, who primarily wrote the song. “I wanted to have us take turns singing the parts to give it a sort of disjointed split personality feel,” he said. They pull this off; when listening to how the two bounce off each other in the song, it feels simultaneously fragmented and cohesive—two complementary parts of a whole.