Interview: Dave B

Dave B is a local Seattle artist who has been rising to fame since winning Sound Off! in 2013. He has been making his mark in the industry working with local giants such as Macklemore and Sango. Last November, Dave B dropped an album of nothing but pure fire with flames of stardust named Pearl. Sampling his mother's vocals and local Seattle sounds such as the light rail, Dave B has embedded his life, location, and love in his music. Recently, I got an opportunity to interview Dave B about his album and his up and coming show on January 27th at Neptune Theatre. Asking questions such as his inspirations and talents he blessed me with the responses below.

What/who inspired you to start making music?

I love sound, I’ve been around music my entire life so once I figured I could make my own, it was easy to explore that.

What was the influence behind the titles of your songs on Pearl?

The title