Interview: Bujemane

Bujemane is a Tacoma artist, from Federal Way. He says, “Tacoma has adopted him as their own." He first started making music in 2009 and throughout his nine years has been making his mark. Last year, he performed in the Upstream Music Festival alongside some up and coming artists from Seattle. Bringing back the jerking era, Bujemane’s new album Sorry We Couldn’t Wait For You shows his artistry and how easy he makes his craft sound. January 18th he will be performing at Neumos at 8pm with local artists Nacho Picasso, Kung Foo Grip, and Flight Djs. If you can’t make the show get to know him a little more from the interview below.

Why don’t you like to be called a rapper?

Time and place and space this inclusive term “rapper” cuts short the other aspects and avenues I can do.

When was the first time you knew you wanted to be a musician?

Fifth or sixth grade, I realized I was cool and should get paid for it.

Did you play any instruments?

Cello and Trombone. I didn’t really like the Trombone so I move to the Cello which was better.

I played the trombone too, it was a lot of work. Speaking of work watching your video NO OG’s I was curious to how you came up with concepts for you videos?

NO OG’s video had no concept, director PHX W and I just filmed it on the spot.

Just like the song, I made it, then took a nap.

Hahaha, so what was the inspiration behind this album, Sorry We Couldn’t Wait For You?

“People catching up to me, me catching up to myself, me catching up to people.”

One of my favorite songs off the album is “Slide and Shake”, what was the vision behind this song?

I told my producer I wanted to make a jerk song from there “Slide and Shake” was created.

The Red Zone is your streetwear label...

What were you trying to portray with the images and designs in your collection?

My images and designs are up to the consumers eye to perceive what they wish.

What was the process behind making these designs and images?

When designing the t-shirts it started as two separate pictures until I thought hmm lets throw them both on one shirt.

What can we expect from the next project?


Anything you want to say to your fans?

Shout out to my fans and supporters for supporting BUJEMANE music and art. I love y'all :~)

Make sure to check out Bujemane tonight at Neumos, and check out his new album below.


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